Pasangan TV Who is your OTP? [*Add Yours*]

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Brooke & Lucas [One pokok Hill]
Freddie & Effy [Skins]
Damon & Elena [The Vampire Diaries]
Added by Teamdamon33
Spike & Buffy (BtVS)
Added by AnaHallam
Lois & Clark
Added by xxxxsammyxxxx
Chuck and Blair [I think anda know]
Added by livelydebate
Mulder & Scully {The X-Files}
Added by cicino1
Tony and Ziva [NCIS]
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Bones and Booth [Bones]
Added by ajhalecullen
House and Cuddy [House m.d.]
Added by huddy_
Meredith & Derek (Grey's Anatomy)
Added by ItComesToThis
Booth & Brennan [Bones]
Added by natulle
Pacey & Joey [Dawson's Creek]
Added by londonlover14
Felicity and Noel
Nathan & Haley [One pokok Hill]
Added by Shanice_12
Chandler & Monica
Added by mondler
Nate and Serena
Added by vebm101
Lucas & Peyton [One pokok Hill]
Added by kellyerin87
Buffy & Angel [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
Added by jemgrl323
Cook & Effy [Skins]
Added by Dean-girlx
Logan & Veronica [Veronica Mars]
Added by TheMixedTape
Brooke & Julian [One pokok Hill]
Added by Team_Brooke
Sawyer & Kate [Lost]
Brian/Justin [Queer as Folk]
Duncan & Veronica [Veronica Mars]
Added by brittlegirl94
Chase & Cameron [House MD]
Added by MISAforever
Rory & Jess [Gilmore Girls]
Added by nevermind606
Puck & Quinn [Glee]
Monica and Chandler [Friends]
Silver & Dixon [90210]
Added by Trulyl0ved
Seth and Summer (The O.C.)
Added by famelover23
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