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Kuro_Hyou666 memberikan saya prop untuk my polls
Oh yup, I get ya. I didn't know anda could do that. I'll have to add anda on my current account then :D

At least then we can chat on there if anda happen to be on the same time as me, at least. telah diposkan ·5 jam lalu
Kuro_Hyou666 memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
Oh really? I only just started playing it again, but I'm on Oceania now - I literally couldn't play NA after it started lagging like fuck a couple of years ago. Oh yeah, he got his account banned for flaming shit players, so he's been using mine for quite a while. How did anda meet him? I changed that account to Oceania as well. XD

Yeah, well, I agree. He can fuck off back to the trash bin. Lol. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
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Thanks, dude. I'll try it if anda end up leaving from here.

How's everything going with you?

Still don't understand why that shitty troll has been messaging Keisuke, though - that shit irritates me, especially when he's talking shit about you. I'm gonna start getting toxic to him soon, if he doesn't shut his face. telah diposkan ·3 hari lalu