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BlindBandit92 berkata tentang Rawak
"There is Nothing So Finely Perceived and So Finely Felt, as Injustice" Charles Dickens telah diposkan ·14 jam lalu
Kuro_Hyou666 dikomen…
Dickens is, and remains, one the greatest writers ever. ·8 jam lalu
Kuro_Hyou666 dikomen…
*one of ·8 jam lalu
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Yeah man, I know what anda mean - especially businesses in the hospitality, they're pretty screwed and the economic world will suffer. In a few months we might be in a recession.

Yeah man, fully.

And I hope anda have/had an awesome weekend bro. telah diposkan ·12 hari lalu
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Anyway, bro, I'm gonna head to bed. Have a good whatever part of the hari it is there and I'll catch anda later. I'll probably derping around here again tomorrow, anyway. XD telah diposkan ·17 hari lalu