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 Azusa watching Boku no Pico
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If you've heard of Boku No Pico, you'd understand. XD This is supposed to be read slowly from bahagian, atas to bottom. I suggest clicking for a larger size.
boku no pico
azusa nakano
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Ok, I usually don't post anti things on here. But my Friends on DA berkata this was really good, so they talked me into posting it on here. Also three of these pairings aren't from an anime, but I thought it would be fine. This is my first time Penulisan something like this, so I hope anda like it and tell me what anda think


 Just can't see it
Just can't see it
10. Ichigo/Rukia: Ok, I don't really hate it. I just can't see them like that. They only have like a best Friends relationship going on and just don't really mix together. If they did end up together I wouldn't be mad though. Again I don't hate the pairing,...
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 Son Goku
Son Goku
Since I am feeling very lazy at this point I will write one long artikel instead of Penulisan two shorter ones so I hope that someone has the energy to actually read the whole thing.

To clearify I am not simply going to use "The" main character I will use anyone that can be concidered a Protaganist so if I use a character from "Dragonball" that doesn't mean I have to use Goku, in other words I will use my kegemaran out of the main cast of each series.


I think I will start with the Heroes so here is my bahagian, atas 10 kegemaran Male protaganists in animé.

 Ash Ketchum
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Just for fun I thought I'd post...well, anda can read the title.

5. New Friends

~Since entering high school, I went from being the only otaku prone child into joining an Anime loving, video game playing group of friends. Best of all, I can crack an Anime joke and people laugh! (That and I've earned some great friends)

4. Boyfriend

~Yup. We met in Art class. I was sketching Ulquiorra (Bleach) when he dikomen on it. I was shocked that someone like him even recongized what I was doing, since then we had learnt lebih about...
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