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Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not!
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?

Blair: Damn that Motherchucker!

Blair: Chuck! Aren't anda done trying to destroy my night?
Chuck: Look I should never have abandoned you. I know I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. Distracted myself all summer...hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do.
Blair: And?
Chuck: I was scared...I was scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us, then you'd see.
Blair: See...
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The story of the daughter of the infamous Chuck bass & Blair Waldorf, Kayla Bass. I hope anda enjoy it!!

"Ouch!" exclaimed Kayla as the foreign maid pricked her leg with the needle as she was fixing the hem of her party dress. "Sorry Miss Kayla." Dorota said. It seemed like she has heard that sentence hundred times in one hour. she heard her mothers distant heels clicking in the hallway of their lovely penthouse that cost $250,000 a month.

"Kayla? Kay where are you? I need to talk to anda NOW!" Blair, her mother, berkata in her I'm-really-mad-right-now voice. "Damn." Kayla muttered...
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posted by WorshipDwight
Have anda ever found yourself desperately wishing anda lived a different person's life? atau lived in a different person's world? I am guilty on both charges, and ready to fess up. Yes, I dream of living in New York's Upper East Side, where drama and designer are saat nature, and Gossip Girl rules the roost.

I've been told many times that I wouldn't want to live in such a place, but how could I say no to the town where little work and lots of play are the norm? While I struggle desperately to make it into my dream college, for Upper East Siders, the Ivy leagues are almost handed over on silver...
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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While anda Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The Queen is...Alive, Long live the Queen. anda didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if anda want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that anda need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in katil ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank anda so much doctor, and you're...
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