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pilihan peminat: Kingdom Hearts II
pilihan peminat: roxas
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karateninja221 berkata …
I cant wait to play Kingdom hearts 3 telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
joey188 berkata …
I am so excited to see what happens in Kingdom Hearts 3 even though I will not have the money for the game station, i will make sure what watch as much KH3 video as I can to stay with the story. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
NagisaFurukawa- berkata …
Not only did Kingdom Hearts have the best Game play ever. They also have the best music. Kingdom Hearts Muzik is what helped keep me in Cinta with Kingdom Hearts. Man the memories coming back me. My dad git me into Kingdom Hearts when i was in 8th grade and ever since than i been a Kingdom Hearts peminat for over 5 years now. I was in Elementary when i first saw my dad play Kingdom Hearts Video game. I did not care much for it when i saw Disney in it. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
NagisaFurukawa- dikomen…
It was not until one hari in 8th grade me and my family were at Metronome store before church was to start i was looking for video game to play. And my dad kept forcing me to play Kingdom Hearts on PS2 i finally went along with it out of trying to get my dad to stop bothering me to play it. Than i thought i would hate it. But once i played Kingdom Hearts the seterusnya hari i fell in Cinta with it. Now 5 plus years later after playing every Kingdom Hearts game also the 6 games they put on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 remix on the PS3 i got lebih excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 which is now announced. Such an awesome video game series. :-D <3 hampir setahun yang lalu