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pilihan peminat: Beat It
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pilihan peminat: I WANT TO Ciuman MJ SO BAD!
pilihan peminat: Hell yes
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joy10777 berkata …
Ok, I'm new here. I'v known of Michael all my life and had his Muzik but never really followed him. When he passed away it hit me harder then I expected but I continued to listen to his Muzik and say prayers for his children and family. Anyway...one I was able I started looking for communities to connect with. I'm pretty new to this. But I look ke hadapan to hearing what people have to share and just being a part of this. So Hi to everyone who may run across this and take the time to read. :-) telah diposkan ·22 hari lalu
cherl12345 dikomen…
Hi, How are anda ·21 hari lalu
MJfan97 berkata …
OMG!!! i was repairing my hard drive, now i've Lost two files "Michael Jackson" and "Movies 3", it took me years to collect a good quantity of both, and both ment a lot to me. I feel so fucking screwed, and honestly i feel attacked. telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
joy10777 dikomen…
Did anda send any part of your files to anyone? Maybe anda could get part of them back that way if anda did just a thought. I understand how anda feel, been there myself. Really sorry to here this. :-( ·22 hari lalu
mjpeterpan7 berkata …
Hi guys! Its been a long time I haven't been here and this page is not that much active. I miss those times! telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
cherl12345 dikomen…
Welcome back ·2 bulan lalu
joy10777 dikomen…
Welcome back even though I'm knew I hope lebih of your old Friends drop anda a welcome back too. :-) ·22 hari lalu