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DashaLovesError berkata tentang Michael Jackson
Hi Iv been looking for a forum about Michael to Discuss this documentary, Ever since Iv seen the programme its been really annoying me. why didn't these 2 men come ke hadapan before, when Michael was alive. Now he isn't here he doesn't have a voice. I believe they are doing it for nothing but money. HAD this happened what they are saying it would have been CAREER over for Michael. The lebih I see this the lebih I know Michael is INNOCENT, telah diposkan ·4 bulan lalu
liberiangirl_mj dikomen…
that's right, it's disgusting... it's clear they're both lying. Wade wanted a job at The One show.. the estate refused him and after that he came up with this. He went in court accusing the estate that MJ molested him and asked for 1,5 billion $. The judge catched him lying and berkata that no rational judge would ever believe his sworn testimony. That being said, he came out with this crap of documentary.. ·4 bulan lalu