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posted by Renesmee_XD
Like Edward Journal I found Bella's Diary but in no way does this belong to me it belongs to the writer at link

And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in Cinta with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.


Romeo And Juliet.

I had written this quote down in an old diary I brought with me to Forks. I scribbled hearts around it while thinking of his pale porselin face. I knew nothing of him then. Nothing of his immortality, strength, speed atau how dangerous he was. All I knew then, was that he...
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From time to time, human emotions encapsulate me. If it weren’t for Zafrina, my friend from the Amazonian Coven, I don’t know if I’d be able to tunjuk Edward those emotions. She helped me realize my capabilities, and taught me to use them to my full potential. He loves it though, when I do let him in. Somehow however, I think he’s quite happy not knowing everything. It’s foreign to him, exciting. I guess it keeps him wondering, which isn’t something Edward is used to. Mostly, I’ve used this capability to tunjuk Edward how deeply, truthfully and...
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I couldn’t have prepared myself enough for how deeply consumed I would become with Membaca Edward’s Diary. It’s been absolutely heartbreaking Membaca the black book with the red ribbon wrapped around it. The one from before Edward met me.

I’m not ready to post one of his diary entries yet, but one quote from what I’ve read has stood out lebih so than anything I’ve read so far in his diary -more than anything Edward has ever said.

“The days flow into the nights. There’s no separation between the two. I have nothing to live for - yet here I am,...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
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My normally amplified vision suddenly became blurred. Anger surged through my cold, rock body. The feeling of guilt overwhelmed me to my core. My mind was pulling me in so many different directions. I still wanted to destroy Baylor. I wanted to destroy all of them.
Edward could see the rage in my eyes. He stayed calm, promising to keep Charlie safe. Alice was on the phone to Carlisle, talking sternly, asking that he get Charlie and keep him safe. She didn’t give Carlisle much detail, just told him we would be back soon to help keep Charlie safe.
Well, that...
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My jaw was locked, eyes Frozen on the ground. For the first time since becoming a strong new vampire, I felt weak. Weaker than a human. My hands were rolled into balls, locked and unable to open. I couldn’t move. My feet felt fastened to the ground. Even if I wanted to crumble and fall, I couldn’t. I couldn’t do… anything.

His voice echoed in my ear, vaguely. The voice of an angel. It was calming, yet had a worried undertone to it. I couldn’t make out the words he was saying, though. In the distance I could almost hear an inhuman noise. It sounded...
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posted by meeek
Edward and Carlisle in a hospital approx. 107 years ago. Edward dying in the bed. Carlisle walks over.
Carlisle: anda ready?
Edward: For what?
Carlisle takes his wrist and bites him
Carlisle: For the wicked awesome parody!!
Edward yelps and pulls away
Edward: What the fuck! I thought anda were a doctor!!
Carlisle frowns and bites him on the neck, Edward starts flinching in pain, and the screen goes blank. Twilight is born flashes across the screen followed sejak three days later. Edward waking up confused remembers being bitten and sees Carlisle standing over him, Edward frowns gets up, and hits Carlisle...
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posted by Joe Jonas
this is differnt from the on i have written but i'll fix that later

chapter 1

Bella's POV

liveing with the cullen's isn't all that bad. but when u want to be alone that is impossible to do.alice is awlays knoking on your door and emmett is always trying to get anda to laugh. but other than that it's rather nice. sice edward still cant read my mind i can play tricks on him. but since he changed me i now have his prwoer as well as mine. i can turn invisible. im always playing tricks on my new family. they hate when i do but i just cant seem to help myself. but they still Cinta me. i knwo edwards...
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The amount of anger I am experiencing at this moment is unexplainable. I can’t write for long, as I have a lot happening right now. This is the first time I have felt the full potential of my strength, the first time since being a new vampire that I have considered killing a human.
… Charlie was shot in the line of duty yesterday. A group of punks made their way to Forks from Seattle in an attempt the run from the police there. They were involved in a shooting in Seattle, and killed two people.
Charlie was on shift, and got a call of suspicious behavior...
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posted by Rodayna
Full Name: Isabella Marie angsa, swan Cullen

Date of Birth: September 13, 1987

Date of Change to a Vampire: Sept 13, 2006

Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’4”

Bella doesn't care too much about her appearance and leaves her hair down carelessly. The length is about to her armpits. Sometimes she has SLIGHTLY parted to the right, but other times it is just parted in the middle. Bella is naturally a brunette with straight hair and a widows peak. She has pale skin and once joked about being half albino. She doesn't wear makeup either (well unless Alice...
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posted by twilighter-1

“BELLA, WAKE UP. . . WAKE UP! IT’S ALREADY 8:30 AM --- YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE IN school” Charlie berkata loudly as he woke me. “Hurry up”. I shuddered from his loud voice.

    “Yes dad” I sighed. I dreamt of that guy again but still I can’t see his face --- since I was a child, I’m dreaming of him. This horrible dream is never going to be ended.

    Facing this new morning, I arrived in school late. You’re really such a klutz Bella, I thought. I felt so cold. It’s raining again. I am wearing thick clothes to keep my body lukewarm....
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posted by selenarocks123
Edward dan Bella
Edward and Bella
Twilight is a fantastic Cinta story between a vampire(Edward Cullen) and a shy young 17 tahun old girl(Isabella Swan. Edward is the son of Doctor Carlile Cullen of which is also a vampire. Bella angsa, swan is the 17 tahun old girl who eventually falls in Cinta with Edward Cullen.
In this story Bella has suspisions about Edward because when Bella almost got crushed sejak Tyler(a boy in Bella's class) Edward gets from many cars down the parking lot of the school to Bella's truck. Also Edward is not at school on sunny days and when he is at school he doesn't eat lunch. Instead of eating though he sits at his own meja, jadual and talks with his other vampire siblings.
Bella has (supposly) Friends which are Jessica, Angela, and Lauren. But Edward (because he is a vampire) can read minds except Bellas. At while he does this he knows that Jessica, Angela, and Lauren don't like Bella and are jeleous of Bella because Mike, Eric and obviously Edward like her.
posted by Renesmee_XD
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Edward, Nessie and I spent the hari with Charlie and Sue. Sue cooked a huge dinner, actually. We had insisted on coming over after dinner, and insisted… and insisted. They didn’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer however. Once there, we had to play it off like we had forgotten and already ate. That was odd. Something I’m getting somewhat used to though.

After makan malam, majlis makan malam I helped Sue clean the meja, jadual and dishes. She had accidentally bumped into me and had a shocked look on her face. I half smiled at her before she blurted out “Wow Bella, your body...
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Filming at the house set as Bella Swan’s residence has finished for Eclipse. We have concrete proof of this as the house as been torn down.

Malicious Mandy has pictures to prove it. Here is her lapor -

There was a full crew working hard to empty the interior and begin taking down the house. Labelled boards were removed from inside the house (labelled so they are easily re-assembled seterusnya flick – where ever and when ever that may be)

The chimney coming down was interesting to see and the trees were all “unplugged” from their holes the metal cylindars in the deep holes that held the trees in place were removed and large cement blocks covered the deep holes.

Drilling, Hammering and memuatkan of things into trucks kept the crew busy.

So sad Here is a look back of Bella’s house during happier times: Here, Here, and the first time we ever seen her house back during New Moon filming

[Thanks, Aleksandra, noctural_dreams21, and Little_angel!]
posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
hei guys, Thanks for all the great komen-komen :) Hope anda guys are enjoying my story. Please comment!!!

Bella's POV

"Why not!?" I asked getting a little pissed off now.
"Well anda see Bella" Tash paused "The thing is... I haven't told anda everything that anda need to know"
"What do anda mean? Why didn't anda tell me?" I asked getting confused again.
"Well see I was going to tell anda but anda passed out" She told me.
"Has this got something to do with, Why you're dressed up in old fashioned clothes? And why at least half of you're house is old fashioned? Because this has been really bugging me!"
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10. Ask about Mike.

9. Ask about Eric.

8. Ask about Jacob.

7. Ask about Edward.

6. After asking about all these boys, inquire as to how much she is paying them, and where in the White Pages she looked for fake fan-boys.

5. When she complains about not being a vampire, throw glitter on her and claim she sparkles just like a vampire in the sun.

4. Ask if the thought of Edward biting her makes her… happy.

3. Say that since Edward is technically dead, she is into necrophilia. Tell her that is sick and wrong, and she should stop with her weird fetishes.

2. Tell her we all know about the real reason she married Edward – the honeymoon.

And the Number One way to annoy Bella Swan?

1. Tell her that anda and Jacob imprinted on each other, and are getting married. Tell her anda are pregnant, and will be with him forever. Videotape the reaction.

Source: link
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There was a piece of white paper folded on my seat. I got in and closed the door before I unfolded it. Two words were written in his elegant script.”
Be safe.

I was visiting with Charlie today. This time alone. I figured that, since Sue wouldn’t be there today, we could spend some one on one time together, alone. I no longer worry about being alone around humans, either. Especially my family. I could never hurt Charlie. Somehow, his scent isn’t the most appealing to me, anyway. Needless to say, though, I did go hunting with Edward yesterday as a precautionary...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
The room was silent , no-one spoke a word as i entered the room.
Tanna laid silent in the deepth of my hair.
A chilled palm rested on my shoulder, i turned.
"I can take her, if anda want bell" Rose offered.
i tightened my grip on my baby. no i wanted to keep her, i needed something to hold on to, now with Edward.
"no it's ok Rose, i need her" i moaned silently.
I heard low groans and murmurs from Carlisle.
I scuffed my feet accross the floor.
I glided past Alice who seemed all healed, well that one down, one to go.
edward came into sight.
I Lost all breathe, and stength in my legs, i felt esme's...
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posted by AndraLee
 Disclaimer: The world of Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.
Disclaimer: The world of Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.
What if Edward hurt Bella when he prevented Tyler's van from crushing her. Could he help her and resist the urge to take her life?

Prologue: The Accident

"I'd never telah diberi much thought to how I would die... but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this."

When the horrible mechanical screaming grabbed my attention, I looked up to see Edward Cullen, my enigmatic lab partner, staring at me as he stood several parking spaces away. The intensity of his shocked expression registered in my mind at the same moment I identified that the sumber of the noise was Tyler Crowley's van. It was sliding...
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Hey everyone. As promised, I have typed out an older diary entry for you. The following entry is from before my life completely changed - before him.

Even on days when I’m feeling lebih down than usual, the smell of fresh cut rumput and the hot pavement below my feet seems to brighten up my day, somehow. The rare breeze blowing from the leaves of the fully bloomed trees feels almost euphoric against the smoldering heat. The best thing about phoenix, though, is that it’s a vigorous, booming city - full of opportunity. I’m going to miss it.

I’ve made...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
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The Volturi weren’t going to stop at anything. Our coven was becoming lebih strong and powerful than they ever expected - and they didn’t like it. They were going to try anything in their power to either take us down, atau take our most powerful members. The Cullens don’t care about power, though. All we’ve been trying to do is live as close to a normal life as possible, happily. The Volturi, however, have been making the ‘happily’ part nearly impossible.

I thought I had reached my full potential as far as strength goes with the punks who shot Charlie...
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