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According to each of my articles, anda can conclude that I like the classics less than the modern ones. But still, that doesn't mean I HATE the classics, on the contrary, I do Cinta them. They just pale in comparison to the moderns. My kegemaran classic and renaissance princesses are Ariel and Belle. I like these two, but it is a pity that they are inferior to modern ones.

Why I Cinta Belle: Belle is my sixth kegemaran princess and I think she'll be the fifth to replace a modern. Moana doesn't seem as great to me anymore, so Moana is down to five, but she can swap places with Belle at any time. Belle...
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 " I am the prettiest!" LOL
" I am the prettiest!" LOL
I was thinking about this a long time ago. The beauty of a princess varies for everyone, but in their own movies, princesses are described as "the most beautiful". There is no beauty problem in every princess, especially those who have Cinta at first sight, and they live a comfortable Cinta life thanks to this beauty. Outward appearances play a big part in the princesses' happy ending. But what if they weren't pretty? How would their lives change? Now we're going to look at that.

Cinderella would never have had a happy ending without her beauty. Because the prince at the ball saw her...
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Before I start the article, I have to say that this is just my opinion. So if anda want to judge me please don't use BAD WORDS. anda can kindly write your opinion in the comments.

I've always liked modern princesses lebih than classic princesses and Renaissance Princesses. My bahagian, atas Five,

1- Elsa
2- Anna
3- Rapunzel
4- Moana
5- Tiana

As anda can see, my bahagian, atas five are moderns. One of the reasons I Cinta moderns is that they adapt to the new generation. Clothing would also be modern, so we don't feel like we're stuck in boring old times. Modern princesses aren't crazy about romance (except for Anna, but even...
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charlotte La Bouff was one of many characters in the movie The Princess and the Frog. charlotte was as wonderful as Tiana, and she really deserves to be analyzed.


Unlike Tiana, charlotte was a slightly spoiled and funny girl, crazy. charlotte was very romantic, which I usually don't like, but the crazy and confident gestures she displayed during the romance were enough to cover it up. Charlotte's father, Mr. La Bouff, spoiled her and did whatever she wanted because they were rich. charlotte grew up believing in fairy tales and true love, and she was confident that one hari love...
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posted by elsafan1010
My last artikel was about why Elsa is my kegemaran Disney princess and this artikel is about why I dislike Aurora. I have a lot of reasons so read before anda open the komen-komen tab and swear at me. No need to quarrel.

1- Copy from the characters of different princesses

This is probably the trait I dislike the most in Aurora. Aurora looks like a combination of Cinderella and Snow White, all her temperaments are similar to them.
Communicate with Haiwan and be kind, gentle and shy.
Aurora has nothing special of its own.

2- boring

Does Aurora really do anything besides sing and dance? Does Aurora have...
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 Ariel blonde, so pretty! Prettier then Belle and Aurora!
Ariel blonde, so pretty! Prettier then Belle and Aurora!
My last artikel was about the eye Warna of Disney princesses, but today I'm focusing on the hair. Ariel has red hair that no princess has ever had. Red hair looks great on Ariel, but blonde hair... It Suits her better than red hair. Blonde hair pairs perfectly with her light blue eyes. Straw yellow color is the best! Here are some gifs that prove it now.
 This time with black eyes but still amazingly beautiful
This time with black eyes but still amazingly beautiful
 " Look at me, aren't I am pretty, so blonde?"
" Look at me, aren't I am pretty, so blonde?"
 I Cinta HER!
My senarai of kegemaran Disney Princesses has undergone a slight change. Moreover, this time I will start from 12, not 10.

12- Merida
The only princess I hate is Merida. Actually, she was one of my kegemaran princesses for a while, but as I got older, I started to dislike her. And right now Merida is at the worst place on my list.
Merida fans: Crying
Those who don't like Merida: Happy
I don't like Princess Merida because she thinks illogically and ruins her life despite her mother's efforts.

11- Aurora
Well Aurora is a much loved princess and I know anda adore her but I... I don't like her very much. She...
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posted by elsafan1010
 Look, she is pretty!
Look, she is pretty!
I analyzed charlotte in my last article, and from now on I will analyze young princesses whose value has been forgotten. Today I, elsafan1010, will share with anda the Megara analysis.

One of the things that makes Megara different from other princesses is that she is "cool". Yes, being a slave doesn't make anda cool, but once anda see Megara's look, it may be hard to believe that she's working for someone else. Megara is self-confident and does not trust love. Because Megara previously had problems with Cinta life and she thinks others will break her too. Megara doesn't want any help...
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 " Moana vs. Pocahontas?"
" Moana vs. Pocahontas?"
I decided that they both have very similar and different points, and now let's review them.

Moana and Pocahontas are both islanders. They live naturally and the Rekaan of their houses is almost the same.

They both Cinta their country very much.

They both know their country's traditions well, but they don't say no to learning different traditions.

They're both doing something illegal. Something their fathers forbade.


While Moana is not interested in romance, Pocahontas is looking for her love.

Pocahontas responds lebih seriously, while Moana laughs at everything.

Moana wants to go...
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Mulan is considered a Disney princess and I find that ridiculous because if Mulan is a Disney princess why not Elsa and Anna? Mulan has the characteristics of a hero and a princess, but there is a reason that prevents her from being a princess.
Although she is Friends with an emperor, that does not make her a princess. Either she would be a royal sejak birth, atau she would marry a prince and earn the tajuk of princess. Being a hero doesn't make a princess, does it? This is really silly. There are a lot of other female characters at Disney who do great heroics, but they're not even one step closer to being princesses. What a great injustice. What a pity. While I Cinta Mulan, Mulan is overrated.
Actually, I don't think I should hide my identity anymore because I don't have a bad life at all.

My real name: Alsu Nur Cakmak
Where I was born and live: I was born and live in Turkey, but I am actually half Azerbaijani. My mother is Azerbaijan and thanks to her, I learned Russian as my mother tongue.
Age: 12 (even if it says 19 on my profile)
My family: I have three sisters and parents.
My home: Villa. It's four floors and I really Cinta my house.
My gender: Girl. Female. I am truly a girls advocate.
Favorite Disney movies: Frozen, The Lion King and Descendants.
My saddest moments: My saddest moment...
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I'm fed up now. My kegemaran princesses are the least popular. At least in Fanpop it is. Elsa, Anna and Moana.. All of their value has been forgotten. The most overrated princesses today are Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora. Especially Ariel, it's so overrated that I can't stand it. The best of everything was "ARIEL" lady. The most beautiful: Ariel, THE BEST AGAIN ARIEL. I will go mad. Do anda know the hit song "What's my name" sejak Uma in Descendants 2? I wrote a song with the melody of this song, remember it is not copy right free.

This is all hands on fanpop
I am calling out to underrated DP...
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
Hello everyone! I'm Veronica (a.k.a. ApplesauceDoctr :D), and hey, it's been a little while since I've written an article. It feels good to get back into the spirit of writing. :D
So, what have I today? As anda can see, I'll be analyzing the song "Reflection" from Disney's Mulan. I made a lyric video for it about a week lalu and realized just how deep the song is! However, in this analysis, I'll also be taking a look at the extended version of the song. It shows a different side of Mulan that...well, you'll see soon enough.

Alright then! Let's take a listen to Reflection!

Movie Version

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 Accidental Discrimination?
Accidental Discrimination?
Okay, so the lebih I think about this, the lebih it starts to bother me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any Disney Princesses having green eyes. What's up with that?!

Snow White: brown
Cinderella: blue
Aurora: blue
Ariel: blue
Belle: brown
Jasmine: brown
Pocahontas: brown
Mulan: brown
I think Tiana's eyes are brown too.

Even the majority of Disney's other leading ladies don't have jade-coloured peepers. I'm pretty sure Tarzan's Jane has blue eyes, as does Giselle in Enchanted. So do Alice (in Wonderland) and Peter Pan's Wendy! I can't really tell what colour Megara's eyes are in Hercules (blue...
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A great appreciation for all people in this spot who participated in my poll. Using the link (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) assessment, I attempted to classify Belle in one of sixteen different personality types.


1. Introverted link

Introverts often:
- Have quiet energy
- Listen lebih than talk
- Think quietly inside their heads
- Think, then act
- Feel comfortable being alone
- Prefer to work "behind-the-scenes"
- Have good powers of concentration
- Prefer to focus on one thing at a time
- Are self-contained and reserved

In the song "Belle," she preferred Membaca alone to mingling with...
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10.Beast gives Belle the perpustakaan

This perpustakaan is KICK ASS. Seriously, when I was a kid I wanted to run through it and open every book, climb all the ladders. It's like Chuck E. Cheese for nerds. The majesty and enormity of the room astounded me, but the fact the Beast can't read makes me think this room is just a big slap in the face :D Anyway, the scene is wonderful, but not as important as others.

"...this scene is cute, but to me it is not as significant." (ppgbelle4)

"To compare this scene with others, it's less important. Sure, it's sweet, but... Oh... It's impossible to pick one....
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 Dreamygal Productions
Dreamygal Productions
18. The Virginia Company
 "This one is a great scene and I Cinta everything about this movie. But having to choose a least kegemaran scene and this would be it. The others are just better. Cinta Meeko and Percy! Can't believe people don't like them! :( "- AnnaKay19
"This one is a great scene and I Cinta everything about this movie. But having to choose a least kegemaran scene and this would be it. The others are just better. Cinta Meeko and Percy! Can't believe people don't like them! :( "- AnnaKay19

It’s kind of odd that the opening scene in the movie is last in our countdown. Here is where we meet our hero AND our villain. They are setting sail from England to the new world in cari of the three G’s; Glory, God and Gold. We also meet Thomas, a young clumsy boy on the road to becoming a man. He immediately strikes...
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 Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Oh my god! This is literally the hardest countdown I've ever done! I did this senarai awhile back and my opinion has changed radically on all the princesses. With my favourites list, one princess moved, with this senarai they've all changed places, I used math to help me rank them and I was surprised, especially sejak my #8. I gave each of them scores of 1-10 for three different areas, face, body and hair. Then added it up. No one got 30 as their final score. Funny enough, even though they're princesses, none of them are perfect. To be honest I'm only sure about my bahagian, atas two, this senarai could change again...
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Welcome to the 2nd Princess Personality article! Like the sebelumnya artikel about Belle's personality, this one about Snow White is still using the MBTI assessment.


1. Extraverted link

Extraverts often:
Have high energy
Talk lebih than listen
Think out loud
Act, then think
Like to be around people a lot
Prefer a public role
Can sometimes be easily distracted
Prefer to do lots of things at once
Are outgoing & enthusiastic

Although Snow White was without human companion under her stepmother's wicked rule, she had plenty of animal friends. In fact, Snow White was always surrounded...
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Please Note: This is a mature subject matter. If you're uncomfortable feel free not to read.

This is my first time Penulisan an artikel on Fanpop as well as on the topic of Disney but I have in fact written comprehensive artikel-artikel about the place sexuality holds in American society so I at least can claim to know my facts fairly well. This is a break down on movie sejak movie basis exploring the sexual tones, atau what I can pull since these are really films for kids, of not only the princess but also the prince as well as a few characters on the side. Let's go in chronological order!

Snow White and...
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