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COURTNEY'S POV: i stomped off to a place i knew i was ALWAYS welcom 2...bridgette... She opens the door, "Hey court!" she shrieks in my ear as she hugs me. Ouch. "Wat's up?" she asked after she got over her shrieking fit, "The sky. Only jking. New neighbour. Criminal. BIG problem. HIS ego. Pig! I can TELL" i babbled, "Oh! Its a him!" she winks at me, "What? No! No, no, NO!" i burst out. "You lyk him!" she said. I explained 2 her about my problem. "wat's wrong wiv d going 2 skool coz of u?" she asks.
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It was ten AM on a Monday morning, another boring High School day, another boring English class I was currently stuck in.

My freaking English teacher had decided it would be a good idea to give us an assignment where we had to describe whichever classmate who name was on the slip of paper that we pulled out of a hat.

You know, it wouldn't of been so bad, having to describe someone like my best friend, Geoff. Because anda could describe him in two very simple words. Party Animal.

But the name I drew out of the hat, was probably the one person on this earth, that I just couldn't describe.

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were're talking a break from dxc p.o.v's today

Heather's p.o.v

finally my p.o.v no lebih duncan and courtney shit

i woke up to find courtney kicking me,that bitch

me: what are anda doing??

courtney: waking anda up, duh.

we're in the first class room in the tdwt jet the boys aren't there.

courtney: we're here, now get up

me:was i the only one sleep???

courtney: no we all sorta woke up at different times, we left anda alone 'cause we needed a brake from anda and i was really kicking anda for the fun of it.

*everyone walked out of the airplane*

gwen: iiiitttsss fffrrreezziinnggg

chris: thats cause we're in the...
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Duncan Black was in a local bar drinking away his sorrows. It had been 10 years since TDWT and he hadn't seen Courtney since. A tear shed from his eye at the thought of his princess. He scewed up so bad since he cheated on her. He got into lebih trouble, Gwen cheated on him sejak sleeping with Trent the bitch. Before she cheatd, she was even worse then Heather, Courtney and Chris combined.

Duncan had changed as well, no longer with a Mohawk but long pitch black hair, three hari stubbled, bangs under his eyes and a bintang under his eye from when he was in Jail for three years. No lebih piearcings but...
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(i put this on the total drama vamp page and almost no one saw it so i'm going to put it here now.)

It was cold. cold enough for my green and black hair to freez solid. Today I had school. I was going to dich it but somthing about today made me feel like going. When I got to school the teacher walked in and berkata "We have a new student. her name is courtney and we will make her feel welcom.
A girl came in with short brown hair and onix eyes. I almost fell flat on the floor the girl was WAY good looking. I went out side with her and berkata "hi! I'm Duncan." " Nice to meet you. I'm courtney." Her...
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I"m about 6 months pregnant.I'm fat.Our wedding hari is in 5 days.I hated i was going to be pregnant on my wedding hari but it was worth it.

"Duncan going over lindsay's"

"Hurry back babe!" he yelled from the back room.

"I won't" i berkata teasing him.

I drove to her house and opened the door to hear

"Welcome courtney tpo your bridal shower"

"Thanks guys!"

I hugged everyone there (Every gilr from tdi was there)

"Courtney i want to congrats anda on this amazing night.and i want this to be the baby's first PJ"

It was a baju that had Chris's face on it and under it,it berkata uncle chris.

"I Cinta it Chris thank...
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when DJ gets attacked sejak Haiwan , duncan starts laughing then courtney glares at him.

. when they were deciding who on their team should jump off the cliff first duncan berkata " ladies first." while looking at courtney.
. he suggested that they vote courtney off.. btu in the end he proabably voted off ezekial.

. courtney was least afriad of duncans death threat before he lied on the bench.
. it was her idea to wake duncan up and when he got angry, courtney was the 1 who explained it 2 him.
. hes responded with soemthing along the line of " why...
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Duncan pulled in to the movie theater to see Geoff's rusted truck in the parking lot.He walked to the thearter to see bridgette and Geoff waiting for him.He walked up to him and bumped fist with Geoff and said"so ready go see a good spoof?".
"hold on we got to wait for my littel cuz,she is in the rest room",said bridgette with her arm around Geoff.
Duncan got interupted sejak a cute high pitch voice calling out bridgette,duncan geuss it was her cuz so he trund around to get a srpruise,instade of a lttel girl,he saw a hot 16 tahun old;she was about 5'4;duncan like short girls so he can tower...
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Hiya! My sis is being a brat so I can't use the computer as much :( I really hate my sis! Name's of D+C kids (I KNOW we all forget} are Lauren, Clarie, Dani, and Jacob! (srry if I messed up at the names at any point!
Lauren's P.O.V
The infamous couple of Duncan and Courtney we're about to Ciuman in the tunjuk when my mom came in and yelled! She berkata "YOU GUY'S SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN THAT CABINET! I expected this out of Lauren and Clarie But Dani! Jacob! HOW COULD anda DO THIS? WE TRUSTED YOU!" Then my dad cam in and HE started yelling at us! I don't know...
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Okay, anda know about my series, 'DXC: My Neighbor', and, it won't be out 4 a while, so, I want to give anda this little one-shot to feed ur thirst (lol) BE BACK, DEMONS!!!! TAKE THIS ONE-SHOT, AND SPARE ME!!! XD

Courtney put on her Halloween outfit, groaning, looking at herself in the mirror, she looked like a whore... She was a Playboy bunny, a baju renang with fishnet stockings attatched to it, she put on her bunny ears, wishing that she hadn't made the bet with Bridgette. Suddenly, she heard a car honk, Bridgette had came to pick her up, she ran downstairs,...
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“You’re such a pig.”

Courtney continued to watch Duncan stuff his mouth with Makanan in an obnoxious and inappropriate way. Early he had really succeeded in ticking her off when they were cooking.


“Careful your big paws don’t mash the pastry.” She wasn’t sure why she was telling him to be careful, she knew it would just provoke him to throw an insult back at her. It was just in her nature to tell people what to do; it gave her a sense of control.

“Careful your uptight butt won’t curdle the custard,” he shot back with a smile. He didn’t know why she always rose to...
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Courtney sighed and shook her head, letting her dark hair spill over her shoulders. “No. No. No.”

The young man beside her smirked with undying confidence. “Yes.”


“Yes. The lebih anda deny it, the lebih I don’t believe you.”

She frowned with slight annoyance. “I don’t, okay? I don’t like you.”

Duncan looked down at her, disbelieving every word. “Right.”

Courtney rolled her eyes and quickened her pace as they traveled down the dark city sidewalk. “Can we not discuss this anymore? Let’s just get to Geoff’s as soon as possible and get this stupid party over with.”...
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