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posted by mileypop226
hi i am here with lyla ross she is a singer/songwriter so lyla do anda want to demonstrate a song?
lyla:id Cinta to
I saw a pretty face in a weirdo place. I need some help I need some help i dont know what to do .do you.do youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
me:nice im sure anda would luv to hear the whole song with Muzik when the cd comes out in summer2009 thank anda lyla ok lyla will be here most of the time ok update tommorrow we are going to here from miley herself. awesome hey.ok our did anda know for the hari is did anda know...
mileys dad was going to name her alexis texis instead of hannah montana let me know what anda think which name is prettier. sejak till nextime
luv ya.
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