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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Me, and Disneyfan333 do really good with these Con Mane stories. I should work with her on these every time from now on.

The story starts in China. Near a pantai was a fortress, where two guards were walking.

Soon, in the ocean, a kuda, kuda kecil could be seen surfing. He was heading for the fort, but as the wave was getting higher, another surfer joined him.

They continued seterusnya to each other, when a third surfer arrived.

The trio stayed close together, and soon they arrived at the beach.

Chinese Guard 24: *Looking at ocean*
Chinese Guard 2: Chūle shénme shì?
Chinese Guard 24: Wǒ yǐwéi wǒ kàn dào de dōngxi.
Chinese Guard 2: Zài hǎiyáng zhōng?
Chinese Guard 24: Wǒ xiǎng wǒ yòu kànjiàn sān gè chōnglàng zhě.
Surfers: *Laying sejak rock*
Chinese Guards: *Walk past*
Surfers: *Run towards fort*

While running, the surfers removed their masks. One of the surfers was none other then Mane. Con Mane.

Con: Disable the alarm.
Chinese Helper: *Goes to alarm*
Con: *Opens surfboard*
Chinese Helper 2: *Standing guard*
Chinese Helper: *Disables alarm*
Con: *Takes pisau from surfboard*

After sticking it in the ground, a radar came out of the knife.

A helicopter was coming towards them.

Pilot: *Flying towards Con*
Con: *Running towards helicopter* Take off your surfing suits.
Chinese Helpers: *Taking off suits*
Pilot: *Lands helicopter*
Gustav: *Gets out of helicopter, then walks to Chinese Helper* Patrick, what is this? I'm supposed to-
Con: *Pointing gun at Patrick's head*
Chinese Helper: *Takes Gustav's suitcase*
Con: *Takes Gustav's sunglasses*

They were all riding in the helicopter now.

Gustav: So this was a set up.
Con: We know you, and the chinese are setting up a secret weapon somewhere in the North Pole. What kind is it?
Gustav: I'm not telling you.
Con: So, you'd rather do this the hard way?
Gustav: I don't have to do anything.
Chinese Helper: *Knocks out Con*

When the helicopter landed, they were back at base.

Chinese Helpers: *Dragging Con into fort*
Gustav: Make sure he suffers for a long time.
Chinese Helpers: *Filling bathtub full of water*
Con: *Waking up*
Chinese Helper: Good morning sweetheart.
Con: What is this?
Chinese Helper: Maybe your boss P, should think twice before getting a chinese kuda, kuda kecil to help you. *Drowning Con*

Theme song: link

Seanthehedgehog & Disneyfan333 Present

A Con Mane Story

Dead Another hari


Doughnut Joe as Con Mane
Gustav McGraw as Gustav Graves
Poppycock as Zao
Cloudkicker as Marisa
Parcival as P
Spike as S
Henry as Mr. Foust
Chinese Ponies as Bad Guys

And also starring Disneyfan333's OC

Lucy as Lady

Cars provided sejak

Alfa Romaneo - Alfa Romeo
Canterlot - Pontiac
Chevronet - Chevrolet
Coltillac - Cadillac
Dodge - Dodge
Flam - Ford
Flim - Buick
Foallari - Ferrari
Hoofington - Plymouth
Horsche - Porsche
Laune - Rolls Royce
Lunicorn - lincoln
Meuzda - Mazda
Skyline - Nissan

After Con was tortured, he was left in a prison cell. The Chinese drowned him, whipped him, and they nearly set him on fire.

Con: *Resting in cell*
Chinese Mare: *Opens cell door*
Con: What do anda want now?
Chinese Mare: Come with me. *Walks down hallway*
Con: *Follows Chinese Mare*
Chinese Ponies: *Pointing Pistol at Con*
Con: *Staring at Chinese Ponies*
Chinese Mare: *Opens door* Step inside please.
Con: *Goes past door*
Chinese Mare: *Follows Con while closing door*
Gustav: Mr. Mane, please sit.
Con: *Sits down*
Gustav: As anda can probably tell, the Japanese are a very good ally to your so called, country.
Con: Yeah. We've been allies with them after we bombed Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.
Gustav: Well, they have made a deal to bring one of my soldiers back here, in exchange for you. The Japanese will bring anda to back to Canterlot from where we make the exchange, and sooner atau later, you'll most likely be back to trying to kill me.
Con: anda better believe it. May I ask anda a question?
Gustav: What?
Con: What is the name of the soldier you're getting back?
Gustav: Zao. Get him into the truck.
Chinese Soldiers: *Taking Con to truck*

Once Con was in the truck, they took him to a bridge, where the Chinese, North Korea, and Russian border met. On one side of the bridge was Con, and the Chinese. The other side had the Japanese, and Zao.

Gustav: Alright. Have Zao walk across slowly. Once we get him back, anda may have Con!
Japanese General: Very well. Go.
Zao: *Slowly walking across bridge*
Chinese Ponies: *Watching*
Zao: *Gets to China's side*
Japanese General: Now anda bring Con to us.
Gustav: Go!
Con: *Walks across bridge*
Con: *Walks slower*
Japanese Ponies: *Watching*
Con: *Gets to Japanese side*
Gustav: anda have what anda want, and so do we. Goodbye.
Japanese General: *Bows*
Chinese Ponies: *Leaving*
Japanese General: We're glad to see you're selamat, peti deposit keselamatan Mr. Mane.
Con: Arigato General.
Japanese General: Now let's get anda back home.

There wasn't an airport within miles of their location, but when they did find one, Con was able to get a flight back to Cantelot. All expenses were paid sejak the Japanese.

At the Canterlot airport.

Con: *Leaves airplane*
S: 0007. Good to see anda again.
Con: Good to see anda too S. I thought anda were turning into an adult dragon.
S: Nah, that was just false information. The doctor berkata they got my test mixed up with another dragon's test.
Con: Well, I guess that's a good thing, since you're back to being my Quartermaster. Whatever happened to Sydney?
S: Sydney P. Johnson is back to being T. Now, if you'll step into my car, we'll go back to headquarters.
Con: *Gets in S's car* Aren't anda too short to drive?
S: Nope. *Gets in* I put buttons on the steering wheel that can control the car's speed.
Con: Just like a videogame. We oughta play one of those soon.
S: anda just don't stop with the jokes, do you?
Con: Nope.
S: *Drives car*

Upon arrival to C.I.E Headquarters, P was there waiting.

S: *Parks car*
P: *Opens door for Con*
Con: Well, *Gets out of car* That was very generous of anda sir.
P: No problem. I'm glad anda have returned.
Con: Thanks. It's great to be back.
P: Right. Now, I know anda just returned, but I need anda to do something for me.
Con: What is it?
P: You'll know once I tunjuk you. *Walks upstairs*
Con: *Follows P* You're very good at hiding secrets.
P: 0007, I just want anda to complete this job, and that's it. *Walks in room*
Con: *Enters room* What's this?
P: That's a time machine.
Con: Really?
P: Yes. Now listen, we had a spy working for us a long time ago, and she was good. She was really good.
Con: What was her name?
P: Lady.
Con: And anda want me, to go get her?
P: That's right. Now, *Setting destination* She was killed sejak mexican soldiers, but anda have to go, and save her. You'll be time traveling back to the year, 1958. When anda get her, go indoors, and use this. *Shows remote* Hit the button to come back here with her.
Con: Yes sir.
P: *Sends Con to 1958*

Everything seemed dark at first, but after a while it was very bright.

Con: *Looks around* Whoa. It really worked. *Sees keys to car, and whistles* 1957 Flam Fairlane 500. *Gets in, and starts car* Beautiful. Now to go find Lady. *Drives*

Once Con started driving, he played this song on the radio link

Con: *Drives down road*

He was enjoying everything so far. The hari was bright, and sunny. Birds were flying overhead, and everypony had a smile on their face.

Con: *Sees bar, and parks in parking lot. Then he walks to the bar*
Ponies: *Having conversation*
Bartender: Good morning sir. What would anda like?
Con: Just a scotch.
Bartender: Coming right up. *Making drink*
Lady: *Walking on beach*
Con: That's her.
Pony: *Plays song on jukebox* link
Bartender: *Brings drink to Con*
Con: Thanks. *Drinks*
Lady: *Walks in*
Con: Hello.
Lady: *Sits down* anda look really handsome. Are anda nice?
Con: Very nice. Would anda like some scotch?
Lady: *Laughs* You're funny too.
Con: Then how about I buy anda your own drink?
Lady: What a gentlecolt. anda don't have to buy me a drink. I can pay for my own.
Con: Listen, I have something important to tell you. I'm from the future, and a group of mexican soldiers are coming here to kill you.
Lady: Yeah right.
Con: No really. *Grabs newspaper* Look at this.
Lady: This newspaper says it's on the 15th of August, but today is the 14th.
Con: Exactly. We need to go find a place where only the two of us can time travel back to the future.
Lady: I know just the place.

Lady took Con to her house.

Lady: How are anda going to get us back here without a time machine?
Con: With this *Shows remote* I just have to hit the button on here, and we're back into the tahun 2014.
Lady: What does the future look like?
Con: Not as good as 1958, I'll tell anda that. Are anda ready?
Lady: Yes.
Con: Alright. Here we go. *Hits button*

It worked. Con, and Lady returned to Canterlot on the tahun 2014.

P: Well done Con. That was quick.
Lady: *Looking around* This is a nice place anda have here.
P: Thank anda Lady. This cost us a lot of money.
Lady: I see.
P: Now, we're going to have anda do some target practice for us.
Lady: Just me?
P: Both of you. Our target range is further down the hallway. Mr. Foust will meet anda there.
Lady: Thank you. *Goes to firing range*
Con: *About to go*
P: anda Con, are going to do another type of firing range.
Con: What?
P: I want anda to go meet S in his lab.
Con: Uh, sir, why can't I go in the firing range with Lady?
P: Because I don't want anda making fun of her if she misses any of the targets.
Con: Wow. anda don't know me at all. *Goes to lab*


Terrorist 64: *Shooting bullets*
Con: *Hiding behind wall*
Terrorist 64: *Moving towards Con*
Con: *Shoots Terrorist in the head*
Terrorists: *Running out of room, and into hallway*
Con: *Shoots both terrorists, then runs into room*
Terrorist Leader: *Holding P hostage* Put your gun down, atau he dies!
Con: *Shoots P, then shoots Terrorist*
S: Stop the simulation!
Lab Ponies: *Stop simulation*
Con: How did I do?
S: Well, anda shot P which isn't a good thing at all.
Con: It wasn't that bad. Just a small flesh wound.
S: Bullshit. *Goes into room*
Con: *Follows S* anda ever heard of the firing range sir Quarter Master?
S: Yeah, well it's called the future 0007, so get used to it.
Con: *Looks around room* So, this is where they keep the old relics, eh?
S: I'll have anda know this is where our most modern technology is built.
Con: *Makes pisau point out of shoe* Mh, hmm. *Touches knife* Pointy.
S: Do anda have to touch everything?
Con: Does this still work? *Turns on jetpack*
S: *Turns off jetpack* Now look.
Con: So what is this stuff?
S: I'm trying to get to that. But first, follow me. *Goes towards train track*
Con: *Follows S*
S: *Hits button on remote*

A small flatcar came rolling towards them.

S: Your new ride.
Con: anda don't expect me to drive this, do you?
S: What? This? *Hits another button*

A car suddenly appeared on the flat car.

S: We have fit in a cloaking device, atau an adaptive camouflage device, onto this car.
Con: Great.
S: anda think that's great? Watch this. *Turns on weapons* Rockets, and two types of machine guns. Flip over the headlights, and out comes the machine gun. Then, there's a Automatic machine gun.
Con: Why is it called the automatic machine gun?
S: Watch, and learn. *Throws book in air*

The automatic machine Pistol shot the book.

Con: I like this car.
S: I knew anda would.
P: *Arrives* I see anda two are getting along.
Con: Why wouldn't we?
P: Just a guess about what happened earlier. That's all. Now Con, you, and Lady must get to the North Pole, and find out what that special weapon of their's is. Once anda do, tell us about it, then eliminate Gustav.
Con: We won't let anda down.

Con, and Lady made it to the North Pole. A bunch of other racers were there in many different cars. And a rock and roll band was playing music.

Rawak Pony: *Playing guitar*
Rawak kuda, kuda kecil 2: *Playing drums*
Rawak kuda, kuda kecil 3: *Singing* We don't give a fuck about anything, come on! We don't give a fuck about anything! We don't give a fuck about anything, come on! We don't give a fuck about anything! 2002 motherfuckers.
Ponies: *Listening to music*
Announcer: Enjoy the Muzik while anda can. The race is going to start soon.
Racers: *Get in cars*
Con: *Revs engine*
Lady: Why are anda doing that?
Con: Because I mean business.
Flag Pony: *Holding green flag* 3! 2! 1! GO!
Racers: *Drive*
Con: This will be fun. *Passing racers*
Lady: I remember drag races in illegal areas, but this is ridiculous. What if anda fall through the ice?
Con: Impossible. *Gets in saat place*
Lady: Who's that in front of us?
Con: I don't know. I never met that kuda, kuda kecil before. *Catching up*
Zao: *In first place*
Con: Oh, *Sees Zao* Now I know who that kuda, kuda kecil is. *Passes Zao*
Lady: Is he a bad pony?
Con: Yes. He works for Gustav.
Lady: Well then, let's beat him.
Con: We already are.

They were going straight for a long time, but a left turn was coming up.

Con: *Drifts to the left*
Zao: *Behind Con*
Racers: *Going left*
Last Place Racer: *Crashes, then goes through ice*
Con: *Sees kuda, kuda kecil in last place going through ice* Did anda see that?
Lady: And anda berkata nopony could fall through.
Con: anda might say that he dropped out of the race. *Turns right*
Zao: *drifting right*
Con: Oh, he's just doing that because I did it.
Zao: *tries to pass*
Con: *Going faster*
Zao: *Gets to left side of track*
Con: *Blocking Zao, then turns left*
Zao: *Turning left*
Con: *Goes over ice bridge*
Zao: *Goes over ice bridge, but sets up grenade launchers, then shoots bridge*
Racers: *Fall off ice, and into water*

The only racers left now were Con, and Zao. When they arrived at the finish, they were at a palace made entirely out of ice. It was called the Ice Hotel.

At the Ice Hotel, everypony was enjoying theirselves.

DJ: *Playing dubstep*
Con: *Sees Lady* Enjoying everything?
Lady: Everything seems so... *Looking at lights* Bright.
Con: Do anda think it's better, atau worse then 1958?
Lady: Worse. I'm sorry, but I'm used to rock and roll.
Con: Maybe, I can help anda out with that. *goes to DJ*
DJ: *Playing dubstep*
Con: Hey, we got a request for some 50's rock, and roll.
DJ: Sure, let me check. *Finds old record* This will be great to play. *Playing song*
Con: Thanks a lot.
Lady: *Sees Con* What did anda do?
Con: Just asked nicely. *Dances*
Lady: *Dances with Con*
Ponies: *Seeing Con, and Lady* Check this out.
Con: *Spins Lady around*
Lady: *Sticks front hooves in air* Whoo!
Ponies: *Dancing*
Con: *Dancing with Lady*
Gustav: What is this?
Zao: Finally, real music.
Gustav: *Pulls Zao towards him* Where do anda think you're going? anda have a job.
Zao: *Sighs* What do anda want me to do now?
Gustav: Get the weapon set up.
Zao: Yes sir. *Goes to weapon*
Gustav: Turn on the lights that are facing me.
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 89: Yes sir. *Turns on lights*
Gustav: Ah! *Covers eyes* That's too bright anda bastard!
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 89: *Makes lights less bright* Would anda like a microphone too?
Gustav: Yes.
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 89: *Gives microphone to Gustav*
Gustav: Thanks. At least anda actually did something right for once. *Speaking into microphone* Listen up everypony. I hope you're having a good time, because now I have important news to tell you. You're all going to die.
Ponies: What?!
Gustav: anda see, the Chinese graciously helped me create a weapon called the Icarus, that can melt really big chunks of ice such as the one we are standing on. However, I'm going to melt Antarctica with this. Water supply is small, and we must get lebih water.
Lady: Yeah, 1958 was definitely better for me.
Con: I'm sorry anda had to get dragged into this shithole.
Lady: A shithole?
Con: Forget it. Listen, we gotta work together to stop them from using that weapon.

Later that night, Gustav, Zao, and half of the Chinese military were going from the ice Hotel to another building created sejak Zao.

Gustav & Zao: *drive off*
Chinese Ponies: *Following Gustav*
Con: Alright. Stay here, and try to prevent them from firing the Icarus. I'll got after Gustav, and try to kill everypony there.
Lady: Con, can anda do one thing for me?
Con: What might that be?
Lady: Be careful.
Con: I will. *Kisses Lady*
Lady: *Kisses Con*
Con: Now I have to go. *Runs off*

seterusnya morning at the other building, which was only five minit away from the Ice Hotel.

Con: *Parks his car, and turns on adaptive camouflage* I got to find a way into that building. *turns off car, and gets out*
Chinese Pony36: *Standing guard*
Con: *Breaks Chinese Pony36's neck, then takes his keys, and uses them to open door* Nopony seems to be around. I better go find Gustav. *Walks around*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 52: *Walks out of room*
Con: *Goes into river, and hides under bridge*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 52: *Walks across bridge*
Con: *Gets across river while putting a silencer on gun*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 52: *Turns around*
Con: *Shoots Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 52*

While Con was in the other building, Lady was trying to find out where The Icarus was.

Lady: *Walks upstairs*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 90: *Spots Lady* Hey!
Lady: *Throws Chinese kuda, kuda kecil downstairs*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 90: *Breaks his neck*
Lady: *Walks down hallway*
Chinese Ponies: *Appear behind her* Freeze!
Lady: *Looks behind her*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 53: What do we do with her?
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 9: Put her in a room, and fill it with water.
Lady: Is that the Chinese Water Torture?
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 53: Sure. *Grabs Lady, and takes her to water room*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 9: This will teach anda for intruding.
Lady: *Gets pushed into water room*
Chinese kuda, kuda kecil 53: *Turns on water*

The water room was soon filling up with water. The door was locked so Lady couldn't escape.

Back at the ice hotel.

Zao: Gustav, we just received word that an intruder was spotted at the Ice Hotel.
Gustav: Who was it?
Zao: A mare, possibly working for the C.I.E.
Gustav: Well, it's a good thing they didn't send Con Mane to stop us.
Zao: Right.
Gustav: Let's discuss our plan in this room. *Walks into room*
Zao: *Walks into room*
Con: *Sitting in chair* So anda live to be dead another day.
Gustav: You've got a lot of nerve to sneak up on us like that.
Con: anda knew this would happen since anda held me prisoner in China.
Gustav: I let anda free, didn't I?
Con: anda nearly killed me.
Gustav: So what? You're going to kill me for letting anda free?
Con: No. I'm going to kill anda for endangering my life. *Pulls trigger*

Nothing happened

Gustav: We removed the firing pin from your gun on your visit in the hotel last night.
Con: Who did it?
Gustav: My good friend Zao. He was so sneaky while anda were listening to our presentation after anda changed the Muzik at our party, that anda didn't even notice.
Con: *Stands up*
Gustav: And where do anda think you're going Mr. Mane?
Con: *Opens window* I just thought we'd like to have some fresh air. *Jumps out window*
Gustav: That bastard killed himself.
Con: *Deploys parachute*
Zao: *Looks out window* No he didn't.
Gustav: What?! *Looks out window*
Con: *Going towards water* Oh boy. *Lands on chunk of ice*

Time for some surfing

Con: *Sees big wave, and stays still as the wind pushes his parachute towards the other building*
Gustav: Go downstairs, and look for him.
Zao: Yes sir. *Runs off*
Con: *Jumps up in air, and lands on ice*
Chinese Ponies: *Riding snowmobiles*
Con: *Ties parachute around blocks of ice*
Chinese Ponies: *Run into parachute, and fall off snowmobiles*

Con ran to the parking lot where he put his car. The adaptive camouflage was still on, so no one could see it.

Con: *Gets in car* P, set up an airstrike on the Ice Hotel.
P: Roger that.
Zao: *Comes to parking lot*
Chinese Pony7: *Riding snowmobile*
Zao: *Sees snowmobile*
Chinese Pony7: *Crashes into car*
Zao: *sees crash* All units report, now!
Con: *Drives off*
Chinese Pony7: *Shooting at car*
Zao: *Runs to his car, and puts on thermal imaging* I see anda now. *Activates machine gun*
Con: *Driving faster*
Zao: *Shoots at Con with machine gun*
Car: Warning: Too much damage. Adaptive Camouflage turned off.
Con: *Floors it*
Zao: *Follows Con*
Con: *Drifting to the right*
Zao: *Shooting at Con's car*
Con: *Does 180 degree spin, and drives backwards*
Zao: *Shooting missiles*
Con: *Shooting Missiles*

The missiles kept hitting each other.

Con: *Does another 180 degree spin, and drives forward*
Equestrian Ponies: *Dropping bombs near ice hotel*
Chinese Ponies: *Grabbing gear* Get in the aircraft! Quickly!

Near the Ice Hotel

Con: *Checks adaptive Camouflage memuatkan time* Only halfway done.
Zao: *Launches peluru berpandu which flips Con's car onto the roof*
Con: *Remaining calm*
Zao: *Getting close*
Con: *Opens roof of car*
Zao: *Launches another missile*
Con: *Hits ejector seat*

Con's car launched into the air, avoiding the missile.

Zao: *Drives past*
Con: *Shooting at Zao's car with Machine guns*
Zao: *Gets grenade launchers ready*
Con: *Activates automatic machine guns*
Zao: *Launching grenades*
Con: *Shoots grenades*
Equestrian Ponies: *Dropping napalm on Ice Hotel* Ice is melting, let's clear out.
Con: *Rams Zao's car*
Zao: *Spins out of control*
Chinese Ponies: *Shooting at Con's car*
Con: *Runs over Chinese Ponies*
Zao: *Drives after Con again*
Con: *Drives into Ice Hotel*
Zao: *Following Con*
Mr. Foust: Con, do anda read me?
Con: Yeah, what is it?
Mr. Foust: It's Lady. She's stuck in a room filling up with water. anda must save her.
Con: I'm on it. First I have to lose Zao. *Stops near cliff*
Zao: *Stops near Con's car*
Car: Adaptive Camouflage restored.
Con: *Puts on super traction*
Zao: *Drives towards Con's car, and turns on spears*
Con: *Turns on adaptive camouflage*
Zao: What? *Drives off cliff* AAAAAAAHH! *Lands in water*
Con: *Turns off adaptive camouflage, then drives downstairs*
Zao: *Swims to surface*
Con: *Shoots lantern hanging from roof*

The lantern had a sharp edge at the bottom, heading for Zao

Con: *Drives towards water room* Lady.
Lady: *Under the water*
Con: *Drives into doors*

The doors opened, and the water poured out of the room.

Lady: *On front windshield*
Con: *Breaks windshield*
Lady: *gets into car*
Con: Are anda alright?
Lady: Never better.
Con: Good.

The ice was melting, and an aircraft was about to take off.

Con: *Floors it*
Lady: We're not gonna make it.
Con: Oh yes we will.
Pilot: *Flying plane*
Chinese Ponies: *Closing doors*
Con: *Shoots Chinese Ponies*
Chinese Ponies: *Fall off plane*
Con: Now nopony can close the door. *Floors it*
Lady: Dear lord, please let us-
Con: Don't pray! Praying is for bad ponies. *Drives onto plane, then stops*
Lady: *Gets out of car, and closes door*
Con: Untie the helicopter. We're gonna need it to get out of here if we land in China.
Gustav: *Appears* Con Mane. What another surprise to see anda again.
Con: Your plan has failed Gustav. The Icarus has been destroyed.
Gustav: Maybe, but I have a massive supply of napalm in a dozen of airplanes. With this remote control, I can press the button, and my wish of melting all of Antarctica will come true. anda see Mr. Mane, not every villain can be defeated. I am one of those unbeatable villains, and if anda try to make any alih on me, I'll press the button.
Con: *Shoots remote*
Gustav: *being shocked* AAAH!!
Con: *hits remote away from Gustav*
Gustav: No! anda dumb pony! Look what anda did!
Con: I saved the world. I know exactly what I did. *Shoots Gustav*

But the remote control exploded, and the plane was losing altitude.

Lady: We're gonna crash!
Con: That helicopter is untied, right?
Lady: Yeah, I got it untied.
Con: Good, get in. *Gets in helicopter, and starts it up*
Lady: *Opens door, then runs in*
Con: *Flies out of plane*
Lady: So, now what?
Con: We're heading back to Canterlot. Gustav is dead, and The Icarus is destroyed.
S: 0007, come in immediately!
Con: Yes S?
S: I just recieved word that anda destroyed the Corvette I gave you.
Con: Me? No, Gustav did that. How did anda know anyway?
S: I put a tracker on it, and when your car blew up, the tracker told me about it.
Con: Sorry S, I really liked the car. I'll tell anda what, I'm heading back in a helicopter, I'll let anda have that.
S: Mane, anda listen to me-
Con: *Turns off radio* Where were we?
Lady: We were heading for Canterlot.
Con: Oh right. How about this? *Kisses Lady*
Lady: *Kissing Con*

The End
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