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 Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
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This is for the peminat-peminat (mostly fangirls), enjoy ;)
Ouran High School Host Club
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This Ouran High School Host Club foto contains berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, and penekan seluar. There might also be saman perniagaan, sut perniagaan, pakaian luar, overclothes, and outerwear.

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The Ouran High School Host Club opening theme; except the lyrics are sung (shrieked) sejak YouTube user, 千一.
Ouran High School Host Club
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At the canteen.
Hanianika: what do anda like?
Haninukarlos: anda pick for me
Hanianika: ok do anda like sushi?
Haninukarlos: oh that's my kegemaran ok i'll take that let's go
Hanianika: where are we gonna seat?
Haninukarlos: there is a vacant seat
Hanianika: so where your family from?
Haninukarlos: my family is from south korea but we live in Jepun because my mom wants to live here and my dad has a friend here that he wants to visit until my mom got pregnant here she wants to live here so i was born here and my name is from Jepun but i'm from south korea
Hanianika: oh ok
Haninukarlos: how about anda where is your family from?
Hanianika: my dad is from Jepun and my mom is from the philippines and my mom is half korean my mom and dad met in Canada because my mom has a job their she is a model and my dad is the sponsore so that is all i know

Chapeter 3 coming soon
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Ouran High School Host Club
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Looking for free cover art creator for my fanfic, Kegemaran Unite. What I need is something that looks like the picture below but with Haruhi Fujioka replacing SpongeBob Sonic the Hedgehog replacing Timmy Turner, Kirito replacing Jimmy Neutron, and Twilight Sparkle replacing Danny Phantom. If anda interested, please respond with the picture. Thank you.
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Chapter 70 was finally released and to my dismay a bit of a non eventful disappointment. The Hosts are at some type of garden with the winners of the challenge they had arranged. Tamaki and Hikaru are fighting over Haruhi, as usual. That’s about it. The only interesting bit about the chapter was that Tamaki’s lawyer chick went to Haruhi’s dad and told him that Haruhi needs to leave Ouran because it’s what’s best for her and the Suo family. Kyoya and Kaoru are talking in the garden and Kyoya hints that this lawyer woman has been meeting in secret with Tamaki’s Grandmother. He never gets to explain why.
So basically the only cool thing about this chapter was that someone is trying to separate Haruhi and Tamaki. Yep. . . that’s about it. Sorry that this update sucks way bad but I only am able to work with what’s telah diberi to me. Don’t kill the messenger! Until seterusnya time! Hopefully I’ll have better news seterusnya bulan :)
ALRIGHT!!! So this artikel is going to cover chapter 68 of the Manga. Sorry it's going to be pretty long because this chapter was a great one! Yep, that's it. Just the one chapter. . . and then we have to wait for another bulan until the new one is written, released, and translated. . . :(
Be optimistic people! lol
Ok, so where we left off, Tamaki had just said, out loud, that he loved Haruhi.
In the start of the chapter Tamaki is thinking about the time Haruhi was kidnapped. He thinks about how he blamed the kidnappers and then himself. He then remembers how relieved he is when he saw she was...
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The Host's great plan is to set up a relay race in the school! Haruhi spreads the word and Tamaki is surprised that he knew nothing, and wasn't involved, in the planning and participating of the event. Haruhi explains it's because he's been hurt. She encourages him to have Kanoya as a partner in the activity.
The prize for the winner is a Special Ticket that rules that the Host of choice will have to do whatever anda want for one whole day.
Renge is all about it, stating that she will make another movie.
The football team want to sertai so they can make Kyoya their slave for a day.
The dude with...
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So Tamaki turns Kanoya down. They never tunjuk it but they kind of say that he declined her offer. But they're still Friends and hang out. In the very seterusnya chapter (66 in fact) they're eating a homemade lunch she made for the two of them in the garden. While all the other Hosts spy on them! LOL The boys talk about how "Princess Kanoya" advanced on Tamaki and confessed her feelings to him. Haruhi starts to worry and wonder what his response was. The boys and Haruhi get caught sejak Tamaki (they're hiding in the bushes and being quite loud lol) and he invites them to come share the lunch. Of course...
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Alright! So Tamaki is stressing out that his feelings for Haruhi aren't really Father Daughter type feelings, (DUH!). It makes him really melancholy and the Host's don't know what to do to cheer him up.
Well, during one Host event, where they're horse back riding, one of the Kuda gets scared and starts freaking out. It rears up and Tamaki jumps in the way of it landing on one of the guests. He gets kicked really bad and they take him to the hospital. Nothing too serious, just a bad bruise and strict rules to not use his arm for a week atau so. Well the guest that he saved, Megumi Kanoya, is...
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