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Source: To myself
I re-recorded this to tunjuk my improvement after training for 6 months.This should shut up all the doubters of the speech level teaching method. To see how well I sung it 7 months lalu see my YouTube channel
phantom of the opera
past the point of no return
LoLZ, Chad Vader Singing Chocolate Rain
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Performed in 1980 On The Midnight Special. They have this song in a commercial now, I thought people should hear the original if they haven't! :)
olivia newton-john
the midnight special
posted by misscrazel
If anda are afraid of blood don't read my songs.

I run away from the pitch black,
Fall in a pool of my own blood.
And the lebih we stay together the lebih we pull apart.
A pool of blood and glitter five feet high, five feet wide.
I hit the ground hard,
Fall through the earth.
A mouthful of my blood,
Lifeless bodies on the ground,
I'm bleeding now.
Cinta used as poisoning
So I run away.
Consider your blood I'm running out.
In the water I can't swim.
The mysteries of life.
The light looks promising,
I'm charcoal in its flames
The wind sucking away my life,
Leaving me to dance in the stars.
To dance with my nine lives.

Sorry it's so short
posted by jointhehunt
Just a little somthing I tinkered with

( Bridge )
You are special
You are remembered
Nothing stands in your way

( Chorus )
Even if it all falls down
Just look around
You will have a place in this messed up world
I belive
Theres got to be something
Got to be something for you

If everyone gives up
I will follow your steps
I go up with you
I would go down with you
I will follow you
I will

( Bridge )
Because your special
you are remembered
Nothing stands in your way

( Chorus )
Even if it all falls down
Just look around
You will have a place in this messed up world
I belive
Theres got to be something
Got to be...
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Source: Rita Manthei
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Source: To myself
Well everyone, this is the first song I've ever written. I hope anda enjoy it! ;)

I'm sitting at my meja thinking about what to say
Cause for a while there it all seemed okay
And everybody seems to be letting me down
But when you're here I turn my frown upside down
When my life starts to turn out right
And I always get what I please

I know

Oh, I know

That the hati, tengah-tengah will heal
That's all that it takes
Just take a step and have a little faith

Oh baby

Oh baby

The hati, tengah-tengah will heal

From hari to night it all seems alright
And no one seems to have any fights
But then I saw anda had a problem with your best...
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 Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
[Soulja Boy Tell Em Verse]

Man it's ridiculous, I got anda so delirious
Kiss anda through the phone, while I lick anda just like liquirish
I'm hold back in 96, and anda can be my Shasha Fierce
Baby anda so sexy, I Cinta the way them jeans fit
Put anda on my team list, Call anda miss bezzy.
I'm Soulja Boy Tell Em, I can make yo life so easy
And if anda don't believe me, please don't tease me
Delirious for my love, better yet I got anda phenen

[Verse 1: Taylah P]
Hey over there what's your name
Are anda for real
Is this a game
You start to smile
And I do the same
I look away but anda remain
Your eyes starin back...
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posted by Winnie222
When I was 11 I auditioned for a competition called the Echt factor(I know it's a cheesy name:D) After the audition I was really anxios to know if I had been accepted. Then two days later when I came utama from school my parents were waiting for me.
" They called!" my mum berkata shaking her head.
I really thought I hadn't gotten through to the finals. But then it tuned out I had. I was sooo happy to have the chance to win something this big. But 1 bulan 2 weeks later the practicing had paid off. I had won, I got handed my £150 and my medal, I was so proud and I got to shake hands with someone that knows an awful lot about music, he worked on the radio. Nothing much has changed since then, except that I am so much lebih confident than I was before the show.