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“Daddy!” Alaska whines.

“What’s up, doll?” I say, scooping up my youngest from the middle of the floor on the way to Y/N and I’s bedroom.

She babbles about some princess thing as I nod my head, pretending to be interested as I walk into the room.

Y/N looks up from her book resting on her swollen, pregnant belly as I set down Alaska on the bed.

I never thought I’d say it, but baby number six was on the way. I mean, my teenage son wasn’t that thrilled, but we had him at 17. Y/N and I were only 32, so it wasn’t like weird atau anything.

“How ya doin, mommy?” I lean over, giving...
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“Mom let go of me!” anda scream. She had a death grip on your wrist and wasn’t about to let go.

“Do anda ever listen to me? No, you’re always out with those hoods, being a little whore to them.” Your mom yells in your face.

“Mom, I’m not-” anda start.

“Oh don’t anda lie to me.” And she slaps anda across the face.

“Mom, stop,” anda cry.

“You’re going to end up to be nothing. Nothing. Just a jalang, perempuan jalang on the jalan with a baby.” She says, giving anda a kick to the side.

“Mom, don’t hurt him!” anda scream. She could hurt anda all she wanted, but she wasn’t going to...
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 anda and Two-Bit <3
you and Two-Bit <3
anda had been watching re-runs of Mickey tetikus in your room, wishing anda could see your boyfriend, Two-Bit, but you’re grounded. anda slipped off your jean shorts and started looking for something of Two-Bit’s that anda could wear. As anda cari for his kegemaran hoodie, anda hear a knock on your window. anda look and see your kegemaran greaser guy standing there. anda slide open the window and he kisses anda before anda could say something. anda pulled away from him and whispered, “What are anda doing here? anda know I’m grounded!” He climbed into your purple room and wrapped his arms around...
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Breakfast At The Curtis'-The Outsiders
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My friend Helena (cherrywild0208) made this video just for little old me. ^•^
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