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 Tvd Cast
Tvd Cast
Number 5:
Jenna Sommers

Number 4:
Caroline Forbes

Number 3:
Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman is introduced in the series as the new history teacher. He shows very caring for Jeremy Gilbert sejak giving him a saat chance to lift up his grades. He has a crush on Jenna Sommers (Jeremy and Elena's aunt). He suspects of Damon Salvatore being the killer of his wife.

Number 2:
Elena Gilbert

Elena is a slender, athletic seventeen tahun old girl. She has an zaitun complexion, brown eyes and long, straight, dark brown hair. Her parents died in a car crash in which she was the only survivor. She lives with her aunt...
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(1)John: "I think we'll make a good team. Don't you, Damon?"
Damon: "John,.. Whatever I can do to help keep this town safe, even if it means spending time with you."
(2)Damon: "You're playing house with half of a tomb of really pissed off vampires. What did anda think was gonna happen?"
(3)Damon: "You seem awfully chipper, lately... Less doom and gloom... A little lebih pep in your step!"
(4)Damon: "Stefan,.. Let's be serious, for a second. anda spent the last century and a half being a poster child for prozac, and now anda expect me to believe that this new anda has nothing to do with human blood......
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