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hei guiz...dis is Seth's POV..
Hope U lyk it!!

Chapter 4-Part 2

I ran..I had to get to the Cullens'.
I looked down at her and I saw her staring at me...I couldn't meet her gaze..dunno why..I was running so fast that I hadn't noticed her arms around me. She was clinging to me. Like Nessie usually clung to Bella atau Jake. Maybe she felt protected with me.Maybe she loved me as much a I loved her..Hope..I could only hope.. I ran until I reached the baseball clearing..
This place..the place where many have Lost their immortal lives..Redhead's newborns..Innocent people who had been changed just for use..for...
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these are things emmett cullen should never do no offense to emmett peminat-peminat
1. dress as Tinkerbell and run through the house saying hes a pixie like alice
2. pretend hes a striper and strip for edward on hes piano
3. take alices porche for a joy ride
4.go to school and yell that jasper thinks he is his boyfriend
5. emmett is never allowed to run through the hospital yelling DADDY!
6. emmett is never allowed to tell alice merah jambu is not her color
7. emmett is never allowed to drive a school bus
8. atau drive the bus into a lake
9. emmett is never allowed to tell esma that he will go find a new "fake" mom
10. emmett is never allowed to tell jasper texans are hicks
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Chapter Sixteen: hati, tengah-tengah To hati, tengah-tengah Conversations

When we got to our room, we pushed the door open and threw our luggage down sejak the bed. And that's when we both fell onto the katil after closing the door. We closed our eyes, and felt his hand touch my head as if in comfort. But then everything came back to me like an old movie being projected onto a stone dinding at school. But the strangest thing was, I wasn't looking through my eyes. I was looking through Edwards. I saw the...
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posted by myau
A.k.a. 10 ways to get yourself killed.

10: Sign him up for anger management.
…no one can deny he doesn’t need it

9: “Accidentally” sign him up for an Edward peminat club. Force him to go to every single meeting.

8: Force him to play a game with anda that anda invented. Change the rules every 5 saat so he loses.

7: tunjuk him those Cinta letters “Victoria” sent Edward.

6: Tell him Victoria likes men who wear tutus. Buy him one; get all offended when he doesn’t wear it. Start crying and don’t stop until he puts it on. Video tape him in it and send it to the Cullens’, the Volturi, the Quileutes,...
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enjoy ^_^

Bella's pov

We were at the house in a quick time and I noticed that Mason fell asleep in Edward’s arms. I opened the door and Edward walked gently to Mason’s room and laid him down on his bed. I waited till Edward came out of Mason’s room and I gave him a smile before I entered our bedroom, not a saat later he was behind me and closed the door. I was on my way to the bedroom when he fearfully grabbed my hand and pulled myself towards him, I had no time to react atau his lips were already on mine.
He kissed me so strong and so sensational that my body started to go in overdrive,...
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posted by lovethecullens
“Just try to keep an open mind, I swear anda are as bad as your mother zero fashion sense, and all the time that I have spent teaching anda how to dress… are anda even listening to me??” my aunt Alice grumbled as she rolled her eyes at me. Apparently my selection for my first hari of high school wasn’t nearly good enough. I pulled myself in from my daydreams and let out a sigh of surrender to my most annoying yet kegemaran aunt. “Ok, ok I am waving the white flag, do with me what anda will, if it means we will be done here!”
“Nessie is your Aunt playing dress up again?” My mother...
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 The Cover
The Cover
Now, this is the interview that Kristen gave to a Brazilian Magazine (the same that i telah diposkan Rob´s interview from) in November and here´s the translation! (sorry for taking so long)

*What do anda have in common with Bella?
Kristen: When anda read the book, anda immediately feel like Bella. She has the same qualities as many girls wish they had. She´s very self sufficient and i´m also like that.

*What kind of buku do anda like to read?
Kristen: I´ve read East of Eden, from John Steinbeck, so many times. And it´s a book that my whole family read it. It´s weird, I always go to bookstores, but...
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posted by twilight-7
I didn't make anda guys wait too long, did I? If I did I am truly sorry. Here we go then, Chapter 20. Will this series ever end?

The first chance I got I visited Charlie. I got a shock when I visited Charlie. Jacob and Billy were there, Jacob sitting on the hospital chair and Billy in his wheelchair. The biggest shock was that Charlie was sitting up, laughing and joking. This man had just had a fit yesterday and here he was telling dirty jokes to his best friend and his son. Jacob was the first to see me standing in the doorway and watching them with wide eyes.
“Hey Kayla,” he greeted me with...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett’s POV.

“I know where she is. He has change the place but it is nearer ” berkata the Pixie.
All I wanted. Why is God in lets – piss – Emmett – Off mood.

I couldn’t hide my nervousness and excitement both. Nervousness because we didn’t know if he had a backup plan and excitement because I’ll finally get to meet Rose. Somewhere in my hati, tengah-tengah I felt that some ultimate power did exist and also for the first time I felt that we were against the nature. I cannot afford to be distracted, I reminded myself. From where are these weird godly thoughts coming anyway? Separation side –...
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posted by 2468244
Last born of the clan
First one to be free
Lived inside a house
Beneath the hanging tree
Loved them deadly nights
That chilled him to the bone
Words were cried at night
In unforgiving tones

Blood of his men was gone beneath snow
He picked up his pisau and his bow
Killer of Jonathan Low

Violence from without
And anger from within
Crawling through the fields
Informing seterusnya of kin
They all turned their backs
But they all knew his name
And if he could return
They'd probably do the same

Blood of his Friends was gone beneath snow
For all that I know, he died
Killer of Jonathan Low

The blood of his Friends was gone beneath snow
For all that I know, he died
Killer of Jonathan Low
This is the saat book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest Membaca my first book (as the sun sets), so anda can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel!

This chapter is small aswell because of school schedual, but starting seterusnya sunday - I will have a chapter up every sunday, Long, full length chapters. Ill be on everyweekday at 10:30 am est aswell

I'd like to first apologise to all of my fans. I havn't...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
I don't think words alone can express how happy all of my readers make me. anda all are so darn inspirational. I don't know how anda do it! :] Much Cinta to each and every one of you!!! <3 ~Summer
The time seemed to fly sejak faster than I was able to run. I could not believe that I just up and left Edward, totally ignoring his reprimands. “It was all rather cruel of me, but my intentions are for the best.” I told myself, trying to lift my own spirits. Maybe this was how Carlisle felt when he rescued Edward and Rosalie. In both their cases,...
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posted by aMMazing14
I ran and ran, away from my problems away from my life, away from my Dad. I reached a grassy area in the woods that was surrounded sejak trees,
right now I could escape the reality of my life and just be at peace. I could enjoy the darkness and the cool breeze that crept past the trees. But
seeing that I'm me, something bad always has to happen, and as usual it does. So why am I so surprised? Woud anyone really care If I died right
here? atau would anyone even know?

I kept asking these soalan to no one but myself as I saw the the large black serigala, wolf sourounded sejak a silhouette of silver moon light....
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posted by whatupiloveyou
This chapter is just a filler. I wanted to update, but I have absolutely no ideas. All I know is that this story might be 2 atau 3 chapters longer. I hope to write another story when I get the idea, so if anda have an idea and want to share it, I would Cinta to hear it. Just a warning this is a shorter chapter, again just a filler. I was watching twilight and new moon last night after my baby was asleep, I found it weird that in twilight when Bella is like bleeding to death and Jasper is perfectly fine being in the same room with her. But in New Moon when she gives herself a paper cut, he has to...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    "Alright, it's almost been an hour, where are they!?" I was growing impatient with nervousness.
    Then ten knocks came to the door, and I sighed in relief. I opened the door, and let Shropee and Jerek inside.
    "Hello, Ethan." Shropee gave him a quick hug.
    "Hello, Shropee." He smiled.
    "Cyd." Jerek said, and gave me a hug, too.
    "We're all here," I said. "Good. Let's do this,...
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We sit down and I can instantly tell that Micah is uncomfortable. He looks around and then stares at the salt shaker.

"Whats wrong Micah?" I lean over and try to see what he is staring at.

"Why is there a dead bug in the salt?" His eyes widen as it starts to move.

He scoots his chair back slightly, and doesn't take his eyes off the beetle in the salt shaker.

He looks at me for a perpecahan, berpecah seccond and says, "Can we go somewhere else?" There is fright in his eyes and I feel symathetic for him. He has always hated bugs. He got it from me.

"Yes." I stand up grab my dompet, beg tangan and watch as he jusmps out...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Two words. Two words was all Jerek berkata after Tabra told him what Shropee told us. "I'm in." Those two words confined our seterusnya job. With those two words, I was scared. With those two words I knew this would come out in a disaster. Those two little words told me many things. And they asked the familiars: who, what, when, where, and why. Well, just for a saat until those two words brought me back into the conversation. Two words was all it took. Two words brought me to my death.

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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    "So, let me get this straight." I said, looking at Shropee. "One of us will become a spy, the other will be a super sneak, the other one will be blue print locater?"
    "Yes, no figure out who is what, and anda need to leave sejak midnight tonight while everyone is asleep. I'll be up, and hand anda the appropriate tools anda will need on this quest, and then anda will come back with all of your recollections, and I will take them from you, analyze, and solve the puzzle."...
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posted by Tatti
So I've decided to continue, hope you'll like it. Please leave a komen and thanks for reading.

After 5 months

New York

I was exhausted. And I looked terrible. Of course I have many reasons to be happy : first, I've just arrested one of the biggest dealers in the state, second, I am alive and not even injured after that. I shouldn't worry about my appearance right now - I was working undercover. But few guys on the other side of the road whistled and I felt bad again. I wasn't used to walking on jalan dressed like girl who probably sleeps at night clubs. I stopped to look at my reflection in...
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"Well the sent was easy enough to catch. sejak the way, your room reeks."
"I'll buy some air freshener." She replied.
I laughed and silence took over. Guess now is as good of a time as ever.
"Can I ask anda something?" I asked taking the plate from her hand.
"That depends on what anda want to know."
"I'm not trying to be a jerk atau anything-I'm honestly curious." I assured her.
"Fine." She sighed. "Go ahead."
I stalled for a moment deciding if I really wanted to know atau not. I finally asked anyway. "What's it like-having a vampire for a boyfried?"
She rolled her eyes. "It's the best."
"I'm serious. The idea...
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