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posted by Mclovin_69
" So anda admit to have no feelings for him.." Black Canary said, " nope none.." Astreous berkata crossing her arms and putting her knees up infront of her, " do anda mind explaining to me why anda are feeling unsure of telling the truth.." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up tears forming in her eyes, " anda cant tell anyone this.." Astreous said, " nothing leaves this room " Black Canary said. " That simulation.. it opened my eyes on my true self.. i try to think of myself as a human, when truly im a monster... i-i felt at peace when lebih and lebih of them went but the only thing that changed that feeling is when Bullet... when he..." Astreous berkata but couldnt finish, she covered her mouth as tears escaped, " im a monster..." Astreous said, Black Canary looked at her with sadness in her eyes " when he..." Black Canary said, " told me he loved me..." Astreous said. " Dear telling the truth about caring about someone else doesnt make anda any different then anda already are...." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up at her trying to force a smile.


" scared... try tramatized.... seeing all my Friends die, it didnt just scare me it hurt to watch... i know my sacrifice was the worst mistake i could have made... for my Friends i abandoned them..." Andrew said, " Andrew... anda didnt abandon them anda made the choice that anda thought was right.. pushing Bullet in and saving him.... that was a great thing to do..." Black Canary said, " but was it the right thing.." Andrew mumbled, " anda can never be sure... but all anda have to know is to believe that the choices anda make in life should be the ones that anda trust.." Black Canary berkata touching andrews shoulder, " i wish i could believe that..." Andrew mumbled looking down and away from Black Canary.


" I should have done something... but i didnt...." Meagan said, " who knew that one little thing anda do in a simulation can mess up the whole thing..." Meagan contiuned her skin turned peach, Black Canary looked shocked, " youve turned white.." she said, " what?" Meagan berkata then looked at her hands, " oh anda mean cocasion...but yeah im fine..." Meagan said, " anda know anda can tell me anything... no secret leaves this room.." Black Canary said, Meagan looked up at her.


" It suprised me i know.... but... it didnt scare me enough to tramatize me" Artemis said, " Artemis noone can go through that and be okay... somethings bothering you..." Black Canary said. " i dunno maybe something is so?" Artemis berkata corssing her arms, " anda cant even admit anda were scared " Black Canary said, " pfft no imagine what Lucas would do hed tell everyone im scared !" Artemis hissed, Black Canary looked at her oddly " intresting.... so the person your most worried about is Lucas..." Black Canary said, Artemis's eyes widened and she looked at her.


" I-I know what i did must have scared everyone but i couldnt stand seeing somneone die right infront of me and not be able to do anything about it.." Phoebe berkata looking at Roulette in sadness, stroking the ravens head with her finger, " so anda were willing to sacrifice yourself?" Black Canary said, " well anyone would do it if they could i know Wally did.." Phoebe said, " but does that automatically make everyone like thaat" Black Canary said, " no...." Phoebe mumbled, " and about what Robin berkata he didnt mean what he said.... he meant he loves anda like his own sister.." Black Canary said, " i knew it couldnt have been.... Robins not that kind of guy..." Phoebe said, " but is it bothering anda how he doesnt Cinta anda in that way?" Black Canary asked, Phoebe stayed silent.


" It was all my fault.... who else could turn a simple exercise into a nightmare...." Willow berkata looking down, Black Canary looked at her in sadness, " its not your fault Willow..." Black Canary replied, " im a monster....maybe i should just refuse to use my powers..." Willow mumbled, " anda cant be yourself if anda refuse to do something that anda are intitled to do" Black Canary said, " Everyone hates me...." Willow mumbled. " Hate is a strong word...." Black Canary said, " stronger then my cursing powers.." Willow mumbled, Black Canary looked at her with even lebih sadness. " I will help anda through this..." Black Canary berkata touching her knee, Willow looked up at her tears streaming down her face, " promise..." Willow mumbled, Black Canary nodded, Willow gasped a cry and ran at Black Canary and hugged her tightly, Black Canary rubbed her back. It was hard to believe that someone who was so fragile was so powerful.
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posted by YJTTFAN
Robin walked in ton his sister Delta flipping though the TV.
"Found anything to watch?" He asked, everyone was bored. Delta put the remote down and sighed, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans.
"Nope, all the TV showes now are all stupid," She said, it was true. Delta picked up her laptop and streamed anda tube to the TV. Robin, Megan and Artemis watched her cursor alih across the TV as she searched shows. The all read a few summaries.
"Look there's one called the Justice League!" she giggled
"The probably got all the details wrong," Artemis berkata going back to Membaca her book.
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posted by robins-gfriend
 'butterfly dodge'
'butterfly dodge'

"Robin, is everything in order now?" Batman’s voice echoed down Robin's ear piece. "Don't worry everything is back in order the police are just finishing up!" berkata Robin, "Good I need anda team back here ASAP I have some news, Batman out" and their conversation ended. He turned around to see everyone was recovering from killer ice and icicle Jr’s attack. "Batman need's us back to base now he says he has news for us" informed Robin. "Yeah but batman’s type of news is just telling us bad we did!" replied Kid flash brushing snow of his shoulder...
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posted by justjill
I opened one eye and expected to see my usual panda katil sheets and beside me a pile of story buku but instead I saw handle bars...Odd, I don't remember installing handle bars at the side of my bed. Never mind, I wake up later to ask mom...Wait a minute-I quickly shot out of katil and looked around. Where am I? The walls are so white, why am I in a hospital? I must get out of here. "Ouch!" I yelled I looked at the Slash down my chest, it was sewed up but it still hurt."You should get some rest, but since you're up, start talking." I turned around towards the window, someone who looked quite short...
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posted by 66Dragons
Robin swore he was going to throw the two birds off the bahagian, atas of the mountain. I mean, why did he always get stuck in the Cave alone with them?

For the tenth time in the same amount of time, Robin yelled ''Shut it!"

Which the two certainly ignored. 

Robin heard a crash and Wally blurred through the room, Artemis hot on his heels. 

''Come here anda no good, rotten son of a-''

The last part of Artemis's insults were cut off sejak a swish and Wally cackling before blurring back into the room. 

''Wally!" Artemis's voice rang shrill and clear through the mountain. 

Wally cackled and zoomed back to where...
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posted by Robin_Love
“How are you?” Becca asked as she sat in her boyfriends dark room.
She sat against the headboard, Robin's head in her lap and his body between her open legs. Her hand was petting his hair and his mask lay somewhere on the floor.
“I don't know.”
“What's wrong baby?”
“I don't know.”
“Life getting anda down?” she whispered.
“How so?”
“Everything's just so...disastrous, heavy on the dis.”
Becca smiled at his wordplay but it disappeared at his seterusnya few words.”
“Sometimes I want to give up being a hero.”
“Why? You're wonderful.”
“There's too much going on....
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posted by Codby
I’m scared. What’s happening? Why am I under my desk. Why is everybody screaming and laughing at the same time? Why did the teacher say that we need to be still? Who are the we?

The team was standing against the dinding in the cave. From young to old: Robin, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, Kaldur. Black Canary was giving instruction, how anda can tunjuk someone the floor in five seconds. Wally wasn’t listening. He was just staring in the air. Robin could see that Black Canary was getting angry. “Wally? Hello Earth to Wally!” Robin was trying to get Wally’s attention. “What?” Wally looked...
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posted by Robin_Love
“How'd anda know?” Robin asked as he helped Becca settle into her room at the mountain.
“About anda being Robin?”
He nodded, hanging one of few pictures Becca had to the wall. She laughed a little and he moved to sit on the floor beside her.
“Please. Any good detective would have realized it, which proves I'm the only good one. Robin showed up at Batman's side not very long after Dick Grayson was adopted sejak Bruce Wayne. Robin is a skilled gimnas, anjuran and fighter. So was Dick Grayson. Robin can hack through any computer and is always on his toes. So was Dick Grayson. Robin was always able...
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posted by Robin_Love
The team had no idea what had gotten into Wally. As of a week ago, he'd been talking to the same “person” Robin was; and they were starting to worry. They berkata nothing to the two of them, talking quietly to themselves. They decided to come out and ask if the two boys were pulling a prank. telah diberi their record for pranking everyone (especially Superboy), it would seem like the sort of thing they would do. So it was not unexpected when Robin and Wally were surprised to find the team waiting for them. The two exchanged looks as the team lead them into the living/dining/kitchen room area. Artemis...
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever anda do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga atau tensaiga,but leave that...
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 I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I woke up in robins room did I sleepwalk here?
Robin was awake but he did`nt want to disturb me in my sleep.
Robin did I sleep here?
"Um. yeah pretty much anda came in the middle of the night shaking cause there were thunderstorms"
Ohh.Well lets get ready long hari ahed of us.
I got up from the katil and got ready I headed down stairs and opened a portal to Mt.Justice Robin followed.

Recognized Robin B02 FireBlaster B07
Hi guys,everything okay here?
"yeah!come on we have to pick out everything all the details givem to me!"Inquired M`gann.
Hold on anda guys know atau did Robin tell you?
everyone was quiet.
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 Am I such a bad cook(I am are`nt I)
Am I such a bad cook(I am are`nt I)
Robin are anda okay?you`ve barely touched the Makanan on your plate.
"It`s nothing im not hungry."Robin replied with a sad expresion and left.
Is my cooking that bad?
"No,he just- sigh"Batman cut him self off.
Something about his past that reviels his secret identedy?
"Yes,and anda did`nt want to know so he bottles it up and puts atau tries to put on a Brave face."Batman told me.
If I ask him to tell me would he?
"i doubt it."Batman responded.
Then how about if anda tell me?
"Im sorry but he berkata he should tell anda and i respect that."Batman responded.
Ohh.Hey I heard the circus is in town can I take him?you...
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posted by Mclovin_69
 Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless anda are gone... so anda have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman berkata
Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless you are gone... so you have to pack your stuff andand go.." Batman said
Batman called in Willow for a private conversation, Willow was scared why did Batman want to see her, Batman glared at her " im sory Willow but Liza cant work on this team unless anda are gone... so anda have to pack your stuff and go.." Batman said, tears formed into Willows eyes as shock was in them too, " im sorry" Flash berkata touching her shoulder, " where will i go..." Willow asked, " weve called back your adoptive father he can take care of you" Batman said, " no please dont let him take me!" Willow screamed with fear in her tone, Black Canary came up and looked at her with sadness in her...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow laughed as Wally tried to throw a peice of popcorn in his mouth but kept making the popcorn hit his face. " hei wanna watch a movie?" Wally asked putting down the popcorn and putting in a movie, " do i have a choice" she asked laughing, " no.." he berkata in a flirty tone, he sat down seterusnya to her and puthis arm around her as she cuddled into his chest, what Willow didnt know is that the movie was scary.

Willow yelled at the Tv, " DONT GO IN THE CLOSET NO NO!" as she covered her eyes, Wally looked down at her with a smile, just as planned Wally thought to himself, she screamed again and covered...
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Alter ego: Jamie Paige Tyson
Age: 16
Aliases: Rosa Volpe, Foxy Jamison, Lady Megera
Known Locations: Manhattan, The Shadow’s HQ, Happy Harbor, Italy
Powers: enhanced senses and strength; those of a female fox [a vixen]
Can shape shift into a vixen of any color
Has telepathy
Personality: strict, mysterious, polite, logical, quiet, mischievous
Appearance: Red hair with white bangs, amber eyes, pointed teeth, wears orange leggings, orange strapless bahagian, atas with a Rekaan that goes up the bahagian, atas of her chest and around her neck, orange boots, orange gloves with retractable claws and an orange domino mask...
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