valerie smith

Fanpop sejak November 2010

  • Female, 25 years old
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Favorite TV Show: so anda think anda can dance, america's got talent, ripley's beleive it atau not, i survived, face off, mighty morphin power rangers, fear factor
    Favorite Movie: Moonwalker, michael jackson ghost, this is it, horror Filem like the grudge 1, 2, and 3, cirque du soleil worlds away
    Favorite Musician: Michael Jackson, Francesca gagnon
    Favorite Book or Author: Stephen king, R.L. Stine, Dr. Suess, Cirque du freak, Grimm's fairy tales
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2ntyOnePilots berkata …
Oh ya... the concert! I know I haven5 berkata anything about it yet.... I’m not sure how to explain really! It was the best hari of my entire life. I swear I will never forget!

Let’s just say it meant a lot to me...
“At that konsert I Lost two pens, a rubber band, and a razorblade.” telah diposkan ·7 jam lalu
2ntyOnePilots berkata …
Awe dude that’s such a relatable topic. I have to say, I’m sure not quite to the extent.. but I get that sometimes.. haha
anda know what though? The people who really Cinta anda and really care are just going to have to accept it someday- don’t ever even try to change who anda are. telah diposkan ·7 jam lalu
2ntyOnePilots dikomen…
They will learn to accept everything, and just because anda brush edges with them doesn’t mean anda are undeserving atau in any way a burden! ❤️ (The labels piss me off. A different way of thinking doesn’t change u!) ❤️ ·7 jam lalu
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Honestly... I’m unsure how to feel when anda relate to some stuff I say,.. it’s really nice to know that I’m not- idk.. completely alone in that stuff, but tbh it’s concerning to think that anyone might relate atau even understand. I scare myself.
And ironicaly my thought process first told me to make sure anda were ok.
Are you? How are anda doing in general? ❤️ telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu