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Riku114 berkata tentang Riku114
I find it fun just like... breaking a lot of the norms cos my personality kind of naturally does that.

Like one of the best thing is being the person thats like "Ooh look at that girls ass" to my boyfriend XD XD

To be fair, when me and some of my guy Friends a few years lalu during football games got bored wed just go down the cheerleaders and be like "mmmm 2/10 mmm 6/10. Okay thats a good 8/10. Eh... she would be higher if I didnt know her personality was crap" telah diposkan ·14 jam lalu
Riku114 dikomen…
Checking women out is just a bit of a fun and amusing topic / activity with some of my guy friends. Best thing was one my closer Friends back then was bi so wed like do the same with guys XD ·14 jam lalu
Riku114 dikomen…
But nah I was going ice skating the other hari and there was this girl who was pissing me off cos while I was Bambi over her on skates she was doing twists and leaps.... BUTT she was also wearing like yoga pants and like ·14 jam lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
#BootyLove !!!! ·9 jam lalu
Riku114 berkata tentang Riku114
tfw anda wanna write, read manga, and play games but anda are too tired to focus and have a slight headache cos of it

But also arent tired enough to break past your inability to take naps for the most part telah diposkan ·22 jam lalu
Riku114 berkata tentang Riku114
Tired. telah diposkan ·23 jam lalu