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jlhfan624 berkata tentang jlhfan624
So I'm not exactly agoraphobic, because I don't fear not having an escape atau being out in the open. But I don't like to leave my home. I've always been a homebody, but my illnesses have kept me utama forcibly for the past 2 years. I had bought a ticket to see the new Child's Play movie weeks ago, and had to batal last minit because of my anxiety leaving the house. I recognize the problem, but I can't do anything to fix it. So if anyone needs me, anda know where I'll be! LOL telah diposkan ·3 hari lalu
jlhfan624 dikomen…
I just took a kuiz and they had my 'agoraphobic' section at the max level so I guess I was wrong... ·3 hari lalu
ktichenor dikomen…
*slowly raises hand* Me too! *lol!* ·3 hari lalu
jlhfan624 dikomen…
I prefer to be in my home, where I can control what goes on in it. I like to be around my pets. I have a very sensitive nose and smells bother me. I also despise loud noises. I hate all of these things and dread encountering them when I have to leave. ·22 jam lalu
jasamfan23 memberikan saya prop untuk my comments
Thanks for komen-komen on my tinjauan telah diposkan ·4 hari lalu
jlhfan624 berkata tentang Sims 4
OMG are ya'll excited for Island Living?! Because I am!! I Cinta the way water looks in the game already, I can't wait to play underwater! telah diposkan ·5 hari lalu