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 artikel sejak nmdis
Article by nmdis
hei guys , as most of anda know how much on earth I Cinta Blair so I am gonna explain the reason she’s in bahagian, atas of my list.

As we saw from the beginning of the movie that Blair is an ordinary girl and do all the house chores and take care of her mother and sister besides she’s so polite towards every single person she meets, I Cinta how normal and grounded she behaves even after getting into such a big school, I mean come on wouldn’t a girl be excited and overwhelmed if this ever happens to anyone though I felt that she shouldn’t have made herself feel not worthy of being there after few...
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 vanesaa-vanns beautiful entry for 3xZ's forum
vanesaa-vanns beautiful entry for 3xZ's forum
It's here,it's here
The one anda wanna cheer

I know,I know
Come on,
Lets begin our show

BM's we all adore

We have to bring BM's up
And make this our real BM club

A drop after drop makes the whole sea
We are BM fans,
Yes,that's anda and me

Difference is the biggest strength
Often people say,
BM haters get out of here
atau anda will have to pay!!

For a great BM future
We've got something to post,
We've got to hurry
atau BM's will get lost

Please,Please help me
To bring the BM's up
Please help me
To make this a real BM club

Thank anda !!!!
 Mariposa and Catania's Transformation
Mariposa and Catania's Transformation
posted by nmdis
A Wedding Party! (Barbie) is released on January 8, 2013 but I just got some pictures of are some information.
A Wedding Party! (Barbie) : Barbie and her sisters are exited-their cousin Kristen is getting married! "I would Cinta if you'd be my junior bridesmaid!"Kristen says to Barbie, Skipper and Stacie. "And Chelsea anda will make the cutest bunga girl ever!"
"We would Cinta to!" sisters exclaim.
There's a lot to do,so Barbie and her sisters go with Kristen to the bridal store.
"What do anda think?" Kristen ask as she tries her wedding gown.
"Your dress is made for princess, it is perfect...
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In “Barbie™ The Princess & The Popstar,” Barbie™ plays princess Tori™ who dreams of leaving her royal life for the life of her kegemaran popstar Keira™. Simultaneously, Keira™ is tired of performing and her superstar lifestyle and dreams of becoming a real-life princess. The two find each other and magically trade places. However, not everything is as easy as it seems. The two girls soon learn that it’s better to be yourself and come to appreciate the lives they had before the transformation. Girls and moms will Cinta the fun Muzik with classic tunes re-written in Barbie™ style with eye popping animasi this will become a new Barbie™ film favorite!

Source: link
Some people say anda can't be found
You're not around
Some people say that you're not real
A fairytale

They say that dreams are for sleepin'
I'm wide awake and believin'
Open my eyes and see
You're right infront of me
You're the one
You're the one
I've known all along
You're the one
You're the one
You're all that I want

You're wild and free,strong enough for me
And what we have will never be undone
Oh,ooh,ooh you're the one

I hear your voice without a word
It's understood
There's something here and we both know
The way to go

They say that dreams are for sleepin'(dreams...
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posted by CleoCorinne
So... well, I'm looking in the Web for lebih Barbie Filem since many months, and I've found these:

-Barbie in Wonderland (2012)
-Barbie Mermaid Adventures (2004)
-Barbie in An Egg-cellent Easter (2012)
-Barbie and the rama-rama, taman rama-rama Wishes (2012)

I know, the last one is quite weird, but I've found it...
Mattel, are anda going mad?????

I don't know if they're going to make these and, as anda can see, they were planning another movie for 2004! I don't know, but I think that some of the rumored Filem would be really awesome... For me, Snow White and Rose Red, The Snow Queen, Black Beauty, Elisabella... these titles inspires me... LOL!

Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted, regular young girl who lives in the city of Gardania with her sickly mother and younger sister, while working vigorously as a waitress in order to help better support them. Blair wins a lottery to attend Princess Charm School as Lady Royal because Emily secretly puts her name for many times per day.
In this school, Blair has her own sprite named Grace who will be her personal assistant. Other princesses also have their own sprite. In this school, Blair gets two best friends, Isla and Hadley. Blair makes a lot of mistakes at school, especially...
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 manu962, our May FOTM 2012
manu962, our May FOTM 2012
It is our violet aka link who becomes May peminat of the bulan 2012!!! She has been here since 2009 and has contributed lots of amazing stuffs in Barbie Movies. I have the privilege to interview her. Here's the interview of our magnificent Violet.

1. Congratulations for winning May peminat of The Month! How does it feel?
Firstly ,Thank anda for voting me ! It feels awesome to be a "fan of the moth" .I didn't expect it .To tell the truth I thought I will never be a "fan of the moth"

2. Tell us lebih about yourself!
I'm a shy girl and I don't have many Friends .I do like adventures and trips.I am also...
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posted by CleoCorinne
(This is how we do it...)

All of us...
Are fabulous...
Put your hands on the air... (All of us...)
We rule, we rule this school (Are fabulous...)
We rule it, we rule it... (All of us...)
(Are fabulous...)

And this is how we do it!

[Instrumental part]

Jump up!
Hands in the air
Crown on the head
Lights in the air...
Come on, now spin to the left
Spin to the right
We're graduates...
and it's our night!

We rule this school...
We rule this school...
It's friendship that makes us strong
Here we all belong
Here we all belong
We rule this school (All of us...)
We rule this school (We're fabulous...)

Jump up!
Hands in the air...
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posted by FairyAmbassador
Information from Barbie Filem Wiki:

"In this digital, action packed adventure, Barbie is pulled in to a video game where a mischievous virus threatens to destroy all the levels and the players who live there. With the help of Cutie, the in game tutorial, Bella, the roller-skating princess, and skateboard racer Kris, Barbie uses her gaming skills to change the game itself and save their worlds."

"Get ready to power up! When Barbie magically gets pulled into her kegemaran video game, she is excited to see she's transformed into a fun roller-skating character. In the game, she meets new Friends Cutie, the lovable cloud-shaped character, and Bella, the roller-skating princess. Together, they soon discover a mischievous emoji character is trying to take control of the game. As they travel, from level to level, Barbie must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out-of-the box thinking to save her team and beat the game!"
posted by SilentForce
I feel stronger
Knowing that you're seterusnya to me
I feel safer
You always know what's best for me

We don't need to prove a thing
We've seen it coming for miles and miles and miles
Being here means everything
With anda it's all worthwhile, worthwhile, worthwhile

We've already won, we are
Standing on the shoulders of champions, we are
We've already won, we are
Standing on the shoulders of champions, we are

All the ribbons
Wrapped around the gift inside
All I need is
Knowing that you're sejak my side

We don't need to prove a thing
We've seen it coming for miles and miles and miles
Being here means everything
With anda it's...
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posted by Asabala2
My katil would make it self
New buku on every shelf
And then I'd cast a spell, Abracadrabra
My pets would talk to me
And then we'd all have tea
Create a pair of shoes
That would know all the moves
I'd always find the groove, feel the beat now
And with the spotlight on
I'd twirl perfectly

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

I'd make a Chocolate lake
Turn cabbage into cake
I'd text without mistakes, LOL Yeah
I'd dream a pair of wings
And I would fly away
I'd zoom across the sky
Make it snow in July
I wouldn't be so shy, "pleased to meet you"
I'd do just what I want
Like every single day

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic

And I could do anything
Suddenly I would be
Everything that I dreamed I could be

If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
Magic, magic
Magic, magic
If I had magic
posted by barbiegirl2435
I seen Fairy Secret today! Let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

The Cast:
Diana Kaarina: Barbie
Adrian Petriw: Ken
Britt Irvin: Raquelle
Silvio Pollio: Zane
Laura Bailey
Cassandra Morris
Kate Higgins
Brittney Wilson
^I wish I could remember who they voiced!
And my eerie feeling was incorrect, Christopher Gaze wasn't there! Sorry Abbey!

The Characters:
(Her name prononuciation confused me! It's pronounced Grahseaella{In phonetic spelling})
She was pretty nice. Untill she was under the Cinta spell, then she was a total airheaded b****!

She was the same as in Fashion Fairytale.

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Hey BM peminat-peminat I am back with another weird yet important article…I know I know anda all gonna think “How the hell it’s important?” but it IS indeed important, as time is passing sejak there are things which are changing in BM some of them are good and some aren’t good so I will post my papar in parts. Here is the first part where I would like to tell anda my papar on improvement of plots. In the seterusnya part will I will include improvements in characters, staring voices/songs and sequels.

 Modern Princess World
Modern Princess World

Improvements in Plot

Barbie Filem are getting modern as time is passing, and...
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 Corinne is a strong-headed adolescent, like me!
Corinne is a strong-headed adolescent, like me!
The interview with our awsome friend Adri aka Corinne17.
Congratulations for winning the June peminat of the bulan ,Adri !!

1.Firstly, Congratulations for winning the June peminat of the Month! How do anda feel about that ?
It doesn't feel rather than the usual. I must thank everyone who voted for me!

2.Which is the Barbie Movie character that Suits anda the most sejak look and personality ?
From my appearance, I would relate myself to Hadley of MT. We do have the same brown hair and dark green eyes. The only exception though is our skin color. Mine is lebih pale, while Hadley's is darker. My personality is...
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The video will be telah diposkan sejak me when I'll have the DVD, so maybe on 6th atau 7th October... But first, hope anda like this translation...


Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

You can understand it from her style
From the smile that she has
From the things she can say
From how she'll have her hair

She spins...

Call her princess
The crown isn't needed
Call her princess
You'll recognize her

She has style
And she's always active
And even if she trips over
Laughing she's stand up

Call her princess
The crown isn't...
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 Princess Tori ikon sejak 3xZ
Princess Tori icon by 3xZ
Any way this is the artikel for first round!

Full name: Princess Victoria Bethany Evangeline Renée
Born: **.**.1995
 Princess Tori ikon sejak nmdis
Princess Tori ikon sejak nmdis

Birthplace: Kingdom Meribella
Best known as: Tori
 foto sejak Sirea
Photo sejak Sirea

Rank: Princess
First appearance: Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar
 Princess Tori ikon sejak 3xZ
Princess Tori ikon sejak 3xZ

Voice:Kelly Sheridan (Speaking);Jennifer Waris (Singing)
 Princess Tori sejak Lena_t
Princess Tori sejak Lena_t

King Frederic (Father)
Duchess Amelia (Aunt)
Princess Meredith (Sister)
Princess Trevi (Sister)

Hair color:...
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posted by rizwansait1
This month’s feature brings Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 to the Kidtoons family. In this story, Merliah must learn to balance her family responsibilities as a mermaid princess with her passion for competitive surfing as a human with legs. As Merliah progresses as a surfer in the human world, she must find time for her mom, the mermaid Queen under the sea. This entertaining story provides several lessons for the Kidtoon audience.

This engaging story will appeal primarily to the four to ten-year-old age group and to many of their older siblings. Younger children will identify...
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Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess is an upcoming Barbie movie. It will be the 25th CGI-animated Barbie movie, and it will be released in 2013. The movie is a sequel to Barbie: Mariposa and her rama-rama, taman rama-rama Fairy Friends.

Story: "Fly with Barbie in an all-new Fairytopia adventure in Barbie Mariposa and The Crystal Fairy Princess. sertai Mariposa as she returns in Flutterfield with her fairy friends. Discover new Pari-pari and embark on magical journey as Mariposa lead anda in a beautiful world and meet the enchanting crystal fairy princess!"
posted by BarbieRosella
Animated Barbie Movies:

1. Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)
2. Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
3. Barbie of angsa, swan Lake (2003)
4. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
5. Barbie Fairytopia (2005)
6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
7. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006)
8. The Barbie Diaries (2006)
9. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
10. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the pelangi, rainbow (2007)
11. Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)
12. Barbie Mariposa (2008)
13. Barbie and the Diamond istana, castle (2008)
14. Barbie in a Krismas Carol (2008)
15. Barbie Presents Thumbelina (2009)
16. Barbie And The Three Musketeers...
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