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Ok, this one isn't as good as the first chapter because its a filler, but stick with me! The seterusnya chapter will be better, i promise!

Chapter Two

    As the sun broke through my window, I sat up and gasped. Sun! There was actually sun shining in La Push, Washington! I jumped out of katil and rushed to my window, yanking my curtain out of the way. But as I looked out, it wasn’t the sun that was on my mind anymore. Glancing at Jacob’s house, the memories of the Serigala came back to haunt me once again. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. The lebih I thought about it, the...
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This is the relationship between Jacob & Bella during New Moon. anda see Bella also jumping off a cliff, and well, anda know what happens after that.
New Moon
Jacob Black
steven strait
emily browning
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