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KatieK102 posted on Sep 12, 2015 at 03:22AM
Falconstar-(KatieK102) - handsome black tom with dark gray chest and dark green eyes (Mate: Sweetbriar)

Wrenflight (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown tom with a golden chest and underbelly with amber eyes (Mate: Shiverwind)

Medicine Cats:
Slightfeather (KatieK102) - dark gray tom with darker patches and green eyes (Temporary mentor) (Mate: Creedstorm)
Swamppaw (Tanglebelly) - black and orange tom with a white freckled face and gold eyes
Pebblepaw (KatieK102) - tan and white tom with blue eyes

Creedstorm (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown she-cat with patchy black stripes all over, a white chin and seafoam green eyes (Mate: Slightfeather)
Redshadow (TeamPeeta649) - massive reddish-brown tabby tom with black stripes, paws, ears and muzzle and lavender eyes (Mate: Mistybreeze)
Duskstorm (KatieK102) - large, creamy-colored tabby tom with a white chest, underbelly, two white paws, and dark blue eyes (Mate: Frecklenose) (Apprentice: Buckpaw)
Berryfrost (KatieK102) - ginger she-cat with white nose and pretty green eyes, and a large scar across her shoulder (Mate: Strongbreeze) (Apprentice: Driftpaw)
Sunheart (Tanglebelly) - orange tom with white flecks and green eyes
Darkmist (TeamPeeta649) - white and black tom with gold eyes
Shiverwind (KatieK102)- pretty white she-cat with pale gray patches and frosty blue eyes (Mate: Wrenflight)
Strongbreeze (Tanglebelly) - black tom with white paws and tail tip, and amber eyes (Mate: Berryfrost) (Apprentice: Badgerpaw)
Sweetbriar (TeamPeeta649) - white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes (Mate: Falconstar) (Apprentice: Flamepaw)
Frecklenose (TeamPeeta649) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat with a black freckled nose with brown eyes (Mate: Duskstorm)
Flintstripe (tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with a large fluffy white chest and underbelly and white toes with brown eyes (Mate: Treetail)
Treetail (TeamPeeta649) - brown tom with large black stripes, long legs and blue eyes (Mate: Flintstripe) (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)
Foxclaw (Tanglebelly) - ginger tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes (Mate: Bloodmoon)
Ambershade (KatieK102) - golden tabby she-cat with white on her muzzle, chest and paws, green eyes
Tanglewhisker (Tanglebelly)-black tom with golden tabby stripes, green eyes, and a single white paw (Apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Bloodmoon (TeamPeeta694) - dark brown she-cat with reddish paws and muzzle and green eyes (Mate: Foxclaw)
Dewspots - pure white she-cat with pale blue eyes
Thundersky (KatieK102) - muscular stone grey tabby she-cat with tan stripes and paws, and piercing hazel eyes
Blacksun (TeamPeeta694) - orange tom with black legs and green eyes
Sunflowernose (TeamPeeta694) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat and a white mask and green eyes
Pantherleap (TeamPeeta649) - grey, white and tan calico she-cat with hazel eyes

Buckpaw (Tanglebelly) - dark brown tom with grey stripes and blue eyes
Badgerpaw (TeamPeeta694) - grey and tan tom with a long tail and hazel eyes
Driftpaw(Tanglebelly) - white and brown tom with a light grey freckled muzzle and green eyes
Cloudpaw (KatieK101) - fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Flamepaw (Tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with blue eyes
Ivorypaw (TeamPeeta694) - creamy white tom with brown eyes



Scorchgaze (TeamPeeta649) - large, muscular orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Hushpool (TeamPeeta649) - muscular light tan she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Skyheart)
Skyheart (Tanglebelly) - lean grey tom with blue eyes (Mate: Hushpool)
Featherwing (TeamPeeta649) - light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes (Mate: Crowtail)
Crowtail (Tanglebelly) - muscular jet black tom with blue eyes (Mate: Featherwing)
Mistybreeze (KatieK102) - slender gray tabby she-cat with one white paw, tail tip and blue eyes (Mate: Redshadow) retired early


Current Season: New-Leaf
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hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
What's with that grin troublemaker? *purrs out of amusement* -Treetail

*follows her mate* You're a great daddy. -Hushpool

Finally we have our peace back. *nuzzles him* -Scorchgaze

Maybe we can share some prey with them? -Ivorykit

Got any secrets to share with me? -Blackpaw

Maybe over time we could collect feathers to add to it. -Sunflowerpaw

I'm glad. I wouldn't want to be a burden to the clan. -Milky

*Chuckles lightly* I can't tell if that was a compliment or insult. -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
Oh you know just watchin my brothers love life blossom in front of my eyes*

Oh i know i am otherwise i wouldn't be raising a second litter.

You can say that again.well what should we do now? *says amused* Im wide awake.

I like that idea why dont you go find them for us then? *says making his way out of the nursery*

*shuffles his paws * Maybe..they are more worries if anything..

Oh i like that idea. Otherwise we can just pluck them from prey we eat.

Well lucky for you, You are pretty well gifted at hunting so fitting in will be easy as long as you feed cats.

WHy dont we just say both? *laughs and sits up*
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Is that so? You think he and Shiverwind are becoming an item? -Treetail

Very true. And all our kits adore you. -Hushpool

Wanna poke around camp and see how everything is going? -Scorchgaze

*follows his brother's scent to the warriors den* Flamekit? -Ivorykit

Well lay it on me. That's what I'm here for. -Blackpaw

Bluejay feathers are nice and fluffy so those will be really nice. -Sunflowerpaw

That's how I'll get everyone to like me huh? *laughs* -Milky

You're such a troublemaker. -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
How are their kits handling it? ~ Falconstar

Sure. There’s prey on the pile, I just don’t like feeling unproductive. *leads the way out* ~ Ivyfrost

Yuck. Falconstar Jr. ~ Duskstorm

You don’t have friends? Or a cuddle buddy? ~ Ambershade

Fine. Not really. Everything feels awkward again, like I just slept with Sunheart. ~ Shiverwind

Yes! What do you have? ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
Well i got a mouse right here but if that doesnt do it i can get you whatever you want. *says pushing it towards her*

*nods his head quickly* Oh i know it they seem some comfy around eachother!

*leans against her* They sure do i just wish that they would be less sneaky about things. *grins* Then again it makes us have fun moments like these.

Oh sure why not? *gets to his paws and stretches*

*looks up quickly from where he was helping Featherwing make his nest* What is it Ivorykit?

Well when i went to the moonstone...I didnt see anyone from starclan like i was suppose to..

Really those are the best? *shrugs* Well i guess that will work for us then. *says laying down in it and looks over at her raising a paw*

Well it will do something atleast. *caste a glance over at Shiverwind before reverting his eyes back to his prey*

Oh whatever. *says amused and shakes his fur out* Do you wanna check out the camp?
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hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Sunflowerpaw took it really hard. Especially when all the drama started unfolding. She's getting better now though. Swamppaw took it pretty hard as well. I worry about him because he's already so closed off it seems and I don't want this to make it worse. Blackpaw is being strong for his siblings as expected. -Sweetbriar

*huffs in amusement* You can say that again. You're the only two cats I know who don't like taking a day off. -Frecklenose

*wrinkles her nose* Definitely not a cuddle buddy. As far as friends go, I don't know I just don't seem to really get along that well with anyone beside my siblings. -Pantherpaw

I don't think you need to worry so much shiver. Their current issues really aren't your fault. -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Fair enough. At least they admit to being sneaky. -Hushpool

We can brag to them about our retirement. -Scorchgaze

Grandpa and I want to share some prey with you guys! -Ivorykit

Nest looks good enough to me and prey sound nice. -Featherwing

Really? Do you think maybe something is happening up in StarClan? Like maybe something off? -Blackpaw

*quickly slides into the nest and cuddles against him* -Sunflowerpaw

Might as well since we're up. *stretches and leads him out* -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
I guess thats fair of them but still i cant beleive Bloodmoon was so sneaky! *huffs* Did you know?

Oh and do you think they will like that i feel like one of them will claw us out of jealousy. *snorts*

Im hungry aswell! *grins making his way over to his brother*

*sits at the prey pile waiting.

*shakes his head* I dont know not like i've had any communication wtih them ever..what if they dont beleive in me..

*purrs resting it over her* Just like the other camp right?

*follows him quickly*
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Do they know that she has a thing with Tanglewhisker? Which is extremely unsettling, by the way. ~ Falconstar

And your Clan thrives for it! *grins* ~ Ivyfrost

*stops and eyes a bush* Mouse. ~ Duskstorm

Well it’s good that you’re close to your littermates, but you really should try to make some new friends. And maybe a cuddle Buddy will come later! *stops * Okay, what crouch would you use if you were stalking a mouse? ~ Ambershade

I’m not worried, just awkward, I guess. I want to talk to Sunheart but I can’t start with, I’m sorry our infidelity ruined your relationship, even though it was seasons ago. ~ Shiverwind

Ohh, mouse sounds good! Mind reader. ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Unfortunately I think everyone knows after Sunheart's little blow up when he found out. It's a little unorthodox, but I don't think we have much room to judge mister was-leader-before-I-was-born. *gives him an amused look* -Sweetbriar

*sniffs the air* And shrew. *starts to follow the scent* -Frecklenose

*drops into the hunters crouch* Oh the other day I went hunting with Buckpaw, Bloodmoon and Tanglewhisker. We did teams and Tanglewhisker and I kicked their tails! -Pantherpaw

Well if it helps you feel any less awkward at least you know he values you as a friend. -Wrenflight

I had a feeling for sure. -Hushpool

Hopefully not. *Bumps him playfully* -Scorchgaze

*nudges them along gently* What should we eat? -Featherwing

I don't that's it. You wouldn't have been lead down this path otherwise. Maybe you just need some help. -Blackpaw

Maybe a little better. -Sunflowerpaw

Where to first? -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
*puffs his chest out proudly* It's a mates duty to know what your mate wants to eat.

And you didnt say a word to me? *shoves her lightly* Where is the trust?

*makes his way out of the den* Come on you old tom.

Is their a vole Grandpa?

I was led down this path because i got sick and hurt. *gives him a look* And what would you help me? *snaps slightly*

Oh and how so?

Wanna check out the fall?
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Because she's daddy's girl and I didn't want you to lose your head. *bumps him back* Besides, I didn't think they were doing anything extreme. -Hushpool

Right behind you, old tom. *follows him out* At least it seems like there's no drama yet today. -Scorchgaze

*cuffs Tanglewhisker lightly* Why do you look so grumpy? -Bloodmoon

Let's see. *noses his mate's cheek before searching through the pile* You're in luck. *nudges him a vole* -Featherwing

*cuffs him lightly* Don't get so upset. While it may not seem fair maybe StarClan had a paw in your injuries as a way to push you into this role. And I can't help you obviously, but this clan is full of older cats who have experience with StarClan. -Blackpaw

This den is a lot cozier. -Sunflowerpaw

Sure. Just promise not to push me in. *nudges him lightly* -Badgerpaw
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hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
*gives her a sharp look* To be fair, I rejected you for seasons exactly for that reason. ~ Falconstar

*watches Duskstorm and Frecklenose, clamping her jaws shut as her throat swells* *finally coughs, hard and raspy* ~ Ivyfrost

Seriously? *huffs as his mouse scurries away* You coughed all last night, too, Ivyfrost. ~ Duskstorm

I know, I'm sorry. My chest hurts. ~ Ivyfrost

Maybe you have some friends after all. And beating Bloodmoon is impressive! She's a very good warrior. *examines her crouch* This is good. Raise your tail a little higher and it'll be perfect. Now, she me your crouch for squirrels. ~ Ambershade

So much so that it ruined his relationship. I don't feel very good about that. *huffs* I just need to talk to him... ~ Shiverwind

Then I guess that makes you the best mate! *takes a bite of mouse* And I think it'll make you a good father, too... ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Trust me I know. *noses his cheek lightly* It's your fault for being such a catch. -Sweetbriar

*returns to her side worriedly* Ivyfrost you know how seriously Merryberry takes this kind of thing. We should get you checked out. -Frecklenose

*nods and adjusts her stance* I do my best. My older sisters definitely leave a high standard. Though I think I can surpass them one day. -Pantherpaw

*nods slightly* I'm sure once you do it'll all be fine. At least it should make you feel better. -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
I wouldn’t hVe lost my head o just would have been more protective. •points out and licks her cheek• I’m not that bad.

Yeah so far so good but I think everyone is just trying to not step on toes.

Because it’s my natural fade. •jokes• I just have something on my mind.

•purrs and settles down with them•

•wiggles happily• Come on put it down already I’m starving!

•grumbles rubbbing his head• And who would you think I should ask for help from? Scorchgaze? Mama already said the same thing.

Yeah it’s a tad warmer then the other camps. •says sitting up after a bit• Alright I think we are done testing the nest I think everyone else already left it looks like.

Oh no promises at all.

That’s what everyone tells me but I’m still nervous for when it happens if it happens. •gives her a gentle look and noses her cheek•
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Oh I know love. Well I promise if I get a feeling that Pantherpaw starts messing around with someone I'll tell you. -Hushpool

Thank StarClan for that. -Scorchgaze

Want to talk about it? You know I give the best advice. -Bloodmoon

Here you go boys. *drops it for them and snuggles beside his mate* -Featherwing

Grandpa is a good choice. Or even Falconstar. He's obviously connected to StarClan. -Blackpaw

Well what should we do then? -Sunflowerpaw

I won't hesitate to pull you in after me. *sits beside the falls* -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Maybe that's a problem with the Clan. Maybe it's that nobody can keep their paws to their selves, and it creates all this drama. I overheard Driftpaw and Badgerpaw going at it yesterday. Apprentices. When I was their age I just wanted to focus on training! ~ Falconstar

*shakes Frecklenose off, stubborn* I'm fine, I just swallowed a feather. ~ Ivyfrost

Or you could have some kind of cough. Green-cough, or even black-cough. ~ Duskstorm

Please, you're just being dramatic. I've never even had a cold before. ~ Ivyfrost

Sometimes I forget that they're your sisters. You're much tamer, thank stars! I don't think I could handle mentoring either of them. *goes behind her and spreads her legs a little further apart* Speaking of, I guess Falconstar decided to hold Thunderpaw back. So this is your first time sharing a den with her. Do you get along with her? ~ Ambershade

Has Frecklenose talked much to you about the whole thing? ~ Shiverwind

Might happen sooner than you think... *trails off meaningfully, brushing her tail against his side* Strongbreeze, I'm pregnant. ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
I think they're the exception. You have to consider who their parents are and their "friendship". I've heard nothing but good things about the other apprentices. *licks his cheek* I heard that Skyheart of all cats gave the boys a talking to so don't worry too much. -Sweetbriar

*gives her a look* Don't you think it's better to be safe than sorry? I promise you, deputy, I can be twice as stubborn as you. My kits gave me the experience. -Frecklenose

*huffs* I guess I still have a good bit of improvement to do on my hunting techniques. Thunderpaw has never been extremely close with us. She's the most connected to ma and pa. I don't think she really cares to have much of a relationship with the rest of us. Not like I really care either way. -Pantherpaw

Sort of. She's really not angry with you. At this point I think she just wishes she and Sunheart could have gone through a more peaceful separation. The drama of their split and uh..the other thing has been a real source of tension for the family. -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Skyheart? Well that's just hypocritical. They'll never listen to him! ~ Falconstar

*scoffs, but it turns into another cough* Fine! I'll let Swamppaw look at me. *gives them a lot* But honestly, if I had anything, do you think he would even know what? He has nobody to train him. ~ Ivyfrost

Your stance is good now. Uh, slip into the squirrel crouch. How come you don't want to have friends? Do you know how to make them? ~ Ambershade

Well, yeah. Hooking up with your ex-mate's nephew, who's barely out of the Warriors Den, will cause some tension. ~ Shiverwind
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
But they'll listen to Hushpool and typically she and Skyheart back each other. StarClan sake I thought having my father and your new deputy both here would make you less stressed! I guess that was just wishing thinking on my part. *nudges him playfully* -Sweetbriar

I know. He's doing his best but I think the stress is really getting to him. Maybe my father could take a look at you? I know he's no medicine cat but he's old enough to know pretty much everything about anything. It shouldn't disturb his retirement too much just to see if he can help you. -Frecklenose

Because most of the cats my age annoy me. They're either too focused on crushes, don't really have anything interesting I want to talk with them about, or they're Pebblepaw and just go out of their way to piss me off. -Pantherpaw

Right. Well no one ever said they were the best decision makers. Regardless, *nudges her lightly* stop beating yourself up over the whole thing. -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
I told you, I have a bad feeling. Something is about to happen. *eyes fall on Thunderpaw, laying by herself in a corner of camp* I'm worried it's about her. ~ Falconstar

*huffs* Fine. I'll go back and have Scorchgaze look at me. *eyes Duskstorm and Frecklenose* You two can keep hunting. I'll be fine walking by myself. ~ Ivyfrost

Whatever you say, deputy. ~ Duskstorm

Well, Pebblepaw does seem like a snob. That's fair. I'm glad I'm not his mentor either. *motions for her to begin moving forward in her crouch* What are the kind of things that you enjoy talking about? ~ Ambershade

Yeah, I guess I need to just get over it. Not like there's anything I can do to fix it. *looks at him* I keep meaning to ask, but how does it feel to be demoted from deputy? I know you were enjoying the power trip. ~ Shiverwind
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
Great! Now since we are here we should check up on Thunderpaw shouldn't we? See how she is doing.

Agreed. *sniffs the air* Oh i smell somthing nice to eat.

*glances over at Sunheart and Milky* Do you think Frecklenose still loves Sunheart?

*purrs watching the kits* Well how is the nest looking?

*takes a large peice for himself* So did you do anything cool with Crowtail?

Falconstar scares me a little bit...

Well eat first off.

Oh you wouldnt dare!

Wait...So that means we are going to be parents...? *blinks a bit stunned from the surprise before putting on a wide smile* IM GOING TO BE A FATHER!
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
You don't think she'd do anything dangerous do you? I know she's frustrated about still being an apprentice, but I guess I hadn't considered just how much that may be affecting her. -Sweetbriar

I'll check with him when I get back too and if I find out you didn't go see him I'll rat on you to Falconstar. *flicks her shoulder lightly with her tail* -Frecklenose

*stalks forward, being careful not to brush her paws against the ground* I like to talk about training methods. We all get taught the same things but it seems like a lot of cats put their own spin on things. I guess I'm open to talk about a lot of things. Just not crushes. At least when that's all cats want to talk about. -Pantherpaw

Uh it's a tragedy. *says sarcastically* Honestly I expected it. Ivyfrost is made for the position. I am hopeful maybe one day I could get another chance at it. If no other reason than I enjoy bossing you around. *teases* -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Of course! I'm so happy I can have all my kits around me again. Makes it easier for me to keep up with their lives. -Hushpool

Why don't you go pick something out for us handsome. -Scorchgaze

Maybe. I mean, they were mates for a long time and they have kits. She may be angry about what he did but I assume it's not that easy to just stop loving someone. I thought you guys weren't planning on being mates anyway though. -Bloodmoon

Very comfy. What did you and Ivorykit get up to? -Featherwing

He showed me around camp a bit more. He knows places even we don't! -Ivorykit

I think a lot of cats feel that way. *laughs* But aunty Sweetbriar loves him so he can't be that bad. -Blackpaw

Oh yes! *sits up excitedly* I'm starving. -Sunflowerpaw

Wanna bet? *grins* -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
I don't know. I held her back because physically, she's more than ready to be a warrior. But mentally, I just don't think... She reminds me of Applethorn. I loved her, but when we would train, sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a darkness inside of her. I brushed it off, and not long after, she died. *looks at Sweetbriar* I don't blame myself for her death anymore, but I wish I would have taken it more seriously. Thunderpaw reminds me too much of Applethorn, of Thorntail, to ignore it again. ~ Falconstar

*grumbles underneath her breath, but heads back to camp* ~ Ivyfrost

*watches her leave, then turns to Frecklenose* If you cough off my prey, I'm done hunting for the day. *teases* ~ Duskstorm

You keep coming back to this 'crushes' thing. ~ Ambershade

*bats at his muzzle* I knew you were going to say that, fox-heart! ~ Shiverwind

*covers his mouth with her tail, smiling* Shhh! I haven't told anyone yet! ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
*softens at the mention of her sister and kisses him gently* And it's exactly for this reason we all think you're such an amazing leader. I think it's a smart plan. Not that I would have expected any differently of you. -Sweetbriar

*huffs in amusement* StarClan willing she's all right. I think we're both healthy enough for some hunting. I might try to steal that mouse you were after though. -Frecklenose

Because I don't understand it. We're in training to be apprentices, but everyone is so focused on relationships. It's not fair if I bust my tail training every day and they slack but we're all made warriors at the same time. -Pantherpaw

*grins* Can you blame me? You give me so much sass on a regular basis it's nice getting my revenge. -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
*leans against her* But Thunderpaw understand? I certainly can't explain this to her. ~ Falconstar

I'll go after your shrew! Teamwork! ~ Duskstorm

Well, I was more like your Denmates, so I guess I can't really relate. But here's an idea: if you continue to bust your tail and you start to outpace the other apprentices, I'll speak with Falconstar about making you a warrior earlier than the others. ~ Ambershade

You enjoy the sass! You're a gluten for punishment! ~ Shiverwind
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
Well let’s go see how she is doing then. •purrs spotting Thunderpaw and makes his way over•

As long as you don’t complain what I pick out. •says before making his way•

I’s just I don’t know I like her you know and if she still has feelings for him is this really even worth it for me?

Yup what he said. •purrs•

Wait seriously? •says with a mouthful•

Yeah I guess..•glances over towards his den• I need to go check on my den do you wanna get us something to eat and I’ll meet back up?

Well come on let’s eat then we can see what we can do about going out for training.

•gives him a stern look• No cause I swear if you push me into the water I’m making my own nest.

•shrinks down embarrassed• Sorry! I’m guessing you want to tell you know who first. •purrs laying down besides her•
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
*purrs lightly* You've most definitely got your work cut out for you. If anything you may need to have a discussion with Hushpool and Skyheart. They obviously connect with her the most. -Sweetbriar

Well I'm glad someone is willing to work with me! *scents the air and follows the trail of the mouse* -Frecklenose

*perks up* Really?! That would be amazing! -Pantherpaw

Hmm maybe a little. I still feel like I let you get away with too much. *chuckles* -Wrenflight
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
*hurries over to her daughter* Hey hun. How are you feeling being back at this camp? -Hushpool

Never! *calls after him with a purr* -Scorchgaze

*looks at him sympathetically* Probably not. I'm sorry Tanglewhisker. But hey there are plenty of available she-cats in the clan! And I'd you get with one of them it's still open for you to be a dad! I think you and Frecklenose can just be good friends. You guys are just at two very different places in life. -Bloodmoon

Uh huh! *purrs and eats happily* -Ivorykit

Spoiling our grandkits already? *purrs in amusement* -Featherwing

Yep I'll meet you by the pile. -Blackpaw

*pads out with him* Doing some battle training today would be nice. -Sunflowerpaw

Okay okay I won't. Promise. -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
*notices her parents walking towards her* *lashes her tail, stands up, and speeds out of camp* ~ Thunderpaw

*purrs* I wanted to tell YOU first, but yes, Sweetbriar next. She's going to be so excited! ~ Berryfrost

*watches Thunderpaw walk away from her parents* Maybe. ~ Falconstar

*smiles* I don't see why not! There's no reason for you to remain an apprentice if you're ready to be a warrior. It'll help me out, too, if you're apprenticed early. ~ Ambershade

Like what?! ~ Shiverwind
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
*huffs and looks to her mate* What was that about?! -Hushpool

Your level of foresight is amazing. It looks like you will need to talk to her after all. -Sweetbriar

Yeah that'd probably make you look really impressive as a mentor huh? It's beneficial for both of us then so let's work together are hard as we can! -Pantherpaw

Taunting me about our little sparring matches! For all you know I could be letting you win. -Wrenflight

*nudges his mate* How are you feeling today beautiful? -Redshadow
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hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Thunderpaw is up!

hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Looks like it. Thunderpaw, or her parents, do you think? ~ Falconstar

BUT only under one condition: you have to make a new friend. One outside of your litter. ~ Ambershade

*howls with laughter* ~ Shiverwind

*huffs* Not great. I think I swallowed a feather or something in my sleep. I can't stop coughing. ~ Mistybreeze

*walks into the Elders Den* Scorchgaze? ~ Ivyfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
*watches her go and his tail droops a bit shaking his head* Im not sure..You think she is embarrassed and upset about being held back..?

*looks over at Featherwing and Crowtail with a amused nod before picking out a thrush*

I am not! Well yes but we have to make up lost time.

*nods smiling slightly at her honestly* Yeah i guess you are right..*says before lowering his gaze* Guess ill just have to look around again dont i?

We love being spoiled!

*nods and makes his way to his den quickly*

Oh battle training would be amazing rightr now i could so stretch my muscles.

Thats what i thought. *purrs and brushes against him*

Oh yea know what i ment but you know Sweets is going to lose it when she hears right? *laughs*
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Hushpool and Skyheart would be more receptive, but you may be able to get through to Thunderpaw in a way they can't. -Sweetbriar

*wrinkles her nose* Why?! -Pantherpaw

*rolls his eyes* StarClan sometimes I miss having less friends. *Cuffs her playfully* Would you knock it off?! We could spar right now! I'll make you take back that laugh. -Wrenflight

*eyes her worriedly* We need to get you checked out then. Do you feel warm? -Redshadow

Ivyfrost what a nice surprise. How're you? -Scorchgaze

*pads back to the spot where she and Duskstorm split with a mouse and a robin* -Frecklenose
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Knowing her, probably. She's been so distant ever since. -Hushpool

*purrs* Well we love spoiling so it's perfect. -Featherwing

Don't be so down about it. I'll help you find the perfect she-cat! -Bloodmoon

Maybe I could beat you again. *purrs in amusement* -Sunflowerpaw

*noses his head* Wouldn't want to go back to being lonely in my nest. -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
Do you think its our fault? *says worriedly*

*rubs up agianst their leg happily*

Oh you think you can? *says amused* So wise love expert who do you think is the perfect cat for me?

Oh you can try but ill make sure its a struggle.

You and me both now. *says sitting near the falls watching the water*
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
I hope not. I wish she'd just talk to us. -Hushpool

*purrs lightly* I still can't believe how big you both are already. -Featherwing

We'll have to see. I might need to scope them out. -Bloodmoon

I wouldn't doubt that. -Sunflowerpaw

Enjoying yourself? -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
*keeps his eyes on where she left* You dont think she will do anything crazy do you?

You two are almost half the size of us! *jokes*

You really think so!? Hear that ivorykit? *grins*

*chuckles* I cant even imagine you doing something like that i feel like you are to forward.

*bumps her before looking at the pile* Its getting small im guessing some more of us will have to go hunting soon.

As much as i can honestly.
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
It’s not a conversation that I’m dying to have with either of them. But… I know Thunderpaw is angry, and confused. I don’t want to overload her. I’ll talk to her parents first. At the very least they can keep an eye on her. ~ Falconstar

Because it’s good for you! I watched your sisters growing up; one of them made friends, the other acted like she had no time for that. Look at them both now. Bloodmoon is very well adjusted, not to mention, a warrior. At the very least, you’ll have somebody to confide in whenever your littermate s don’t have time for you. But I’ll let you pick whoever you want! As long as they aren’t your brothers, then they’re fair game. ~ Ambershade

Sounds like a challenge. How about… I’ll stop putting it off and I’ll talk to Sunheart. After that, we’ll see just how easy you’ve been going on me. ~ Shiverwind

Y-yeah. I think I need to see Swamppaw… ~ Mistybreeze

Nothing. I’m perfectly healthy. *coughs from deep in her chest* ~ Ivyfrost

Oh, I know she will! And Wrenflight will be happy for you, too! *purrs* I want to wait a little longer before we tell anyone though, just to be sure. ~ Berryfrost
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
I hope not but should we follow her? -Hushpool

Yeah! You really really think so grandpa?! -Ivorykit

Hey I can be subtle when I need to be! -Bloodmoon

Probably. Well should we snag this last vole? -Sunflowerpaw

The waterfall is peaceful. -Badgerpaw

That's if they aren't planning to already. I know they can be overprotective at times at least that's what I've heard Bloodmoon say. -Sweetbriar

All right then. I pick you. -Pantherpaw

Sounds like a plan to me. Go get your friendship back on track. -Wrenflight

Come on love. *starts leading her to the medicine cat den* -Redshadow

Uh huh. Sure doesn't sound that way. Ivyfrost how long have you had this cough? -Scorchgaze

*sets her catches aside and follows Duskstorm's scent* -Frecklenose
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
You saw how she reacted to us even walking over...I want to but do you think she would just continuing to run?

Well maybe not that big but big enough! *nudges the two* Now keep eating.

*continues to eat amused* Featherwing do you and Grandpa Scorchgaze get along?

Oh id love to see how that all goes.

Oh yes please. *says eyeing the vole intently*

*nods in agreement* Do you think we could find a fun little secert spot near here? *teases*

*nods his head quickly* Whatever you say. *purrs excitedly* Oh we have to think of names again!
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hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
*sighs* Maybe she would...-Hushpool

We do. Your grandpa Scorchgaze and I have been friends for a long time. -Featherwing

Just you wait. We'll find someone perfect for you. -Bloodmoon

*purrs and grabs it from the pile before settling down and nudging it to him* -Sunflowerpaw

You know you sound like you're teasing, but I'm tempted. -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
*grits his teeth and looks at her* Lets just wait for her to get back. *says quietly*

Really? How long?

Mhmm well what do you want to do now? Your mate is sleeping im assuming?

*takes a bite and pushes it to her looking around* Well looks like my siblings are all busy and Blackpaw is all alone wonder where Swamppaw ran off to.

Only a little bit. *purrs and makes his way around* Wonder what we can find.
hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
Okay. *leans against him* I just don't understand why she pushes us away. -Hushpool

Since I was first made a warrior. He's my longest friend. Even longer than this one here. *nudges his mate with a purr* -Featherwing

He was when I left him. Come on let's bother him. *laughs and heads for the den* -Bloodmoon

He's so busy now in his new role. He seems stressed though. -Sunflowerpaw

*follows him around the waterfall until they reach the crack in the wall* How about here? -Badgerpaw
hampir setahun yang lalu tanglebelly said…
She has always been like that though..Whenever something happens she doesnt want to talk about it..

How long ago was that? *says a bit confused*

*snorts* You dont ask cats their age Flamekit.

And you call yourself a good mate waking the poor tom! *laughs following her*

*shrugs* I mean he has to do and learn everything himself i would lose my mind surprised he hasn't

*looks at the crack then back at him* Do you think you can fit in there badgey? *chuckles*
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
Think I should leave it alone for now? ~ Falconstar

I- Hold on, I didn't consider that... I'm your mentor, I'm not sure I'm allowed to be your friend. ~ Ambershade

Wish me luck. *pads over to Sunheart and Milky, mustering every bit of nerve* Hi Sunheart. Mind if I steal you for a walk? ~ Shiverwind

*leans on Redshadow as they walk, chest heaving* ~ Mistybreeze

... a few days. But I feel fine- *bursts into coughing* ~ Ivyfrost

*pops out from behind a bush, squirrel in his jaws* I think I won. ~ Duskstorm

I was thinking about that! Do you have any that you like? ~ Berryfrost

hampir setahun yang lalu TeamPeeta649 said…
I guess so but she just seems so much more distant these days. -Hushpool

*purrs in amusement* A very long time ago. -Featherwing

It'll mess up his sleep cycle if he sleeps all day! -Bloodmoon

I hope he can get more help soon. I hate seeing him so overwhelmed. -Sunflowerpaw

Definitely! *slips inside* the entrance was a bit of a tight fit but it widens out inside. -Badgerpaw

Probably. Give everyone some time to cool off. *noses his cheek* Besides you promised to spend some time just you and I today. -Sweetbriar

Nope you said anyone is fair game! Besides I see plenty of cats who are close with their mentors. -Pantherpaw

*carefully guides her into the den and settles her into a nest* Swamppaw can you take a look at Mistybreeze. -Redshadow

No you aren't fine. *heads out of the den* Come on let's get you to the medicine cat den. -Scorchgaze

Yours might be large but I caught two pieces! -Frecklenose
hampir setahun yang lalu KatieK102 said…
I did, didn't I? What did you want to do? ~ Falconstar

Well, I think it defeats the purpose because you and I will already be spending time together training, but I suppose I did say anyone... But at least this way I can make sure the friendship you form is genuine! Deal! ~ Ambershade

*flops down in a spare nest, coughing* ~ Mistybreeze

Scorchgaze, please be reasonable! I don't have time to lay around in the medicine cat den! *stops when they get there and see Mistybreeze and Redshadow* Are we interrupting? ~ Ivyfrost

Doesn't size count for anything these days? ~ Duskstorm