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Start making some changes in your routine and improve your performance!

Take a look at this senarai of study tips and develop lebih effective and efficient study habits to help anda improve your keseluruhan grades in school!

Write Down Every Assignment
The most logical place to write down your assignments is in a planner, but anda might prefer to keep a to-do senarai in a simple notebook atau in your cell phone note pad. It doesn't really matter what tool anda use, but it is absolutely essential to your success to write down every single assignment, due date, test date, and task.

Organize With Color
Devise your...
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 "Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying! And..talking?"tells Stella. "What did my talking plant do?" asks Flora. Stella points to a plant moving, preventing Stella from entering her room. "Why do anda want to go to your room?" asked Flora. "I need to change my outfit, Brandon and I are going to a restaurant in Magix tonight," jawapan the angered Stella. Flora thinks Stella is annoying. Flora casts a spell and the plant disappear. Stella walks in her room. "No thank you?" asks Flora. "No!" smiles Stella. "Flora!!!!!!!" shouted a voice. Flora walks to Tecna.

"What?" asked Flora as she entered Tecna's...
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Chapter 2

Sky’s Dilemma

While Bloom was sleeping on her katil a ray of sun falls on her face which disturbs her. And then a voice comes inside “Good Morning dear, have some teh Bloom.” Tecna berkata to Bloom. “What’s the time Tecna? And thanks for the tea.” Bloom replied with a sweet smile. Tecna thought that Bloom is in a better mood. She was worried if she was still sad but after seeing Bloom she was little relief. “Would anda like to come for breakfast Bloom atau Should I send the breakfast to your room?” Tecna asked. “I will like to have breakfast with anda guys.” Bloom replied....
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