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xoheartinohioxo berkata …
NCIS (can't believe i have to start watching this again :P)


Right? Definitely watching the first 2 episodes - we'll see what happens depending on if Ziva stays! telah diposkan ·9 hari lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
* whiskey lullaby is SO sad </3 *

GIRL!! Yes omg, I rewatched the video for the first time in a long time the other hari and I STILL can't get through without tearing up </3 telah diposkan ·15 hari lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
* and I know I'd Cinta peggy!! *

YES OMG! Peggy Carter is so a character anda would Cinta ♥♥♥ anda should definitely watch Agent Carter if anda get a chance <3 telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu