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wantadog berkata tentang Rawak
*finds NieR: Automata on very hard difficulty lebih relaxing than Bejeweled* telah diposkan satu jam lalu
wantadog berkata tentang Rawak
Steam: "Would anda be interested in the game "Boobs Saga"???"

Me: "Steam stfu....hold on how much of a sale is it..." telah diposkan ·6 jam lalu
wantadog berkata tentang Rawak
Who knew there were other ways to ruin mashed potatoes other than adding masam cream. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
1012jackson dikomen…
Whats wrong with that? I like potatoes with masam cream. Well baked potatoes actually satu hari lalu
8theGreat dikomen…
>Implying anda can ruin the perfection that is pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes ·23 jam lalu