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wantadog berkata tentang Riku114
Man I just Cinta the game Sonic Forces so much. It gives me such a feeling of bliss. I even loved it so much, I wanted to invite Riku to watch.

She berkata no. telah diposkan ·22 jam lalu
Riku114 dikomen…
XD ·21 jam lalu
wantadog dikomen…
Look at her. I'm deeply saddened and she smiles. ·21 jam lalu
wantadog dikomen…
A cruel mistress she is ·21 jam lalu
wantadog berkata tentang Riku114
God what the fuck is wrong with me....I don't want to worry anyone, but I had a completely 100% legit urge to mail my income tax money seterusnya tahun to Riku so she can buy a computer....

My grasp on how important it is to not waste money combined with my desire to give things to people is really scary sometimes. telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu
Riku114 dikomen…
^ ·2 hari lalu
wantadog berkata tentang Rawak
Frickin Lena Paul doods.... telah diposkan ·3 hari lalu
BlindBandit92 dikomen…
Ya right she's gorgeous af. ·3 hari lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
She's certainly pretty !!!! ·3 hari lalu