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posted by xXxEmoRAwRxXx
My soul burned deep in agony, as the tears and blood dripped down hitting the floor, I grabbed the pisau one last time. I looked at Chris, begging for mercy, I lift up the pisau and stabbed him one last time. "What, have I done?" I asked to myself. "I'm a murderer, how am I going to explain this, to Jamie? Chris touched me in a inappropriate manner, so I gutted him to death?" I berkata to myself. There was a soft knock at the door. I had a mini hati, tengah-tengah attack. "Just a moment," I responded to the knock. Struggling, I pulled Chris under my katil and got the swifter and mopped and washed my hands. There...
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posted by problematic124
Laughing heals the soul. What makes anda laugh? Were all different. As a writer in training I'm experimenting on the"fun factor". Down the page are some funny stuff and I'd like to know which one makes anda laugh the most. If anda found a funny pic please post it and please komen on the pictures.
Now like I've berkata we all have different tastes and it all is on you. Laughing is a very fun excersise.And these pictures are funny (or at least to me). Hold on to your socks lady and gentlemen it's time to get your laugh on.
Please comment!!!
Now let's have some laughs!
posted by yamiXyugi
The sky was growing dark when it all happened. I was strolling through the park, the same as any day. I was alone, all alone. i looked up to find not one awan in the sky.
'Night already?' I thought. I looked at my watch. 3:00 pm it read. "That's odd," I said. I decided to go utama then.
As I made my way home, things got weirder. There were no cars on the jalan and no lights on in any of the apartment buildings.
I turned down an allyway, my usual way home, when I felt an unatural tugging sensation in my gut. I didn't know why, but i was suddenly walking in the complete opposite direction of my house.
It felt like my body was under someone else's control. I started jogging, then running.
"Stop it!" I yelled. I tried to force my legs to stop moving, but as soon as I tried, I felt a searing pain go from my forehead to the base of my spine. I screamed and everything went black.
posted by RuBB3rDuckie
Dear The-One-I’m-Glad-I-Never-Kept

I smile now, not like before. It seems like after anda had hurt me, I got over anda pretty quick, I guess I never really loved anda and anda were a waste of my time, and when anda left I think part of me was relieved, I wasted my time crying, I guess I was blind.

That smile there, on my face, he put it there. Remember those three months anda had put me down, made me cry, and I was still stupid enough to stay? He re-wrote that in two, he replaced my permanent frown, with a smile.

Do anda remember that hari I was crying, and I had went to anda with support? Today I still...
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Sun shining like a holy light. After getting out of the tent, I was welcomed sejak such greenery and wildlife. Such green lush beauty in the glowing morning light made everything just pop and colorful. So many different shades of green and nature all around. I definitely didn't get this New York! The lush vegetation, the scenery, the little cute monkeys climbing around, it was like being in a zoo almost. I heard rustling in the bushes, and prepared myself for an animal attack. As soon as I saw my sister's merah jambu Tenis shoe pop out of the bushes, I was slightly relieved. The girls walked out of...
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posted by coolie
The Haunted Playground
    Why couldn’t I come here? Mom wouldn’t explain why. I came here everyday! It seemed like Mom was hiding something from me. I was so mad, that as I walked away, her words seemed to blur and fade out as if they were never berkata in the first place. I ignored her, that’s why I was here in the playground.
    I loved this playground. Although it seems rusty and old, it was a well working playground. A large brick fence stood in the right, blocking what was any further. It was like a scarecrow telling anda to stay back. I’ve always...
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posted by cutie_hunter123
I sit in the dark. Thinking about Jack. A single tear comes out of my eye, then another. I start to laugh quietly, trying not to wake up my sister. Then, the horrible memory from my awful dream came back to me. I went to the door and paused. I sighed and told myself that nothing is out there but the hallway, the dining room, living room and the kitchen. I took out my phone from my jaket and looked at the time. It's 5:59. I rolled my eyes and opened and closed the door quietly and sat on the soft couch. I started to drift into thoughts about Degrassi, and what it would be like if I went there. Then, a black figure moved across the kitchen. Spooked, I quickly walked to my aunts' laptop and looked up some funny video on to keep m off track from the figure. Hours passed, and I am still freaked. Ten minit later, I calm down and look up some lebih funny stuff. Ugh! I must be haluccinating from lack of sleep. I rubbed my eyes and went back to my bedroom and passed out.
posted by Insight357
We went back to Alexander’s apartment after getting Lucy. Xander and Lucy had been sitting on the couch. He was fussing at her for running off.
    “I can’t believe anda didn’t tell me where anda were going,” Xander’s lip curled up.
    “I didn’t think anda cared! anda aren’t my damned guardian!” Lucy spat back defensively.
    “Maybe not, but I care about anda Lucy. I Cinta you,” Xander looked down. My eyes were open wide, but I pretended like I wasn’t there.
    “I-I Cinta you, too,” Xander...
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posted by sawfan13
Adam started to snicker,"You think anda can defeat me again. I have a gun now, and I shot at your little serigala, wolf buddy earlier. I tied your little girlfriend up there. Yeah, she's good at shutting up, especially with this gun pointed at her. Ha!" I berkata nothing else. I started attacking him. I threw the gun out of his hands, as he started to fear. I grabbed him sejak the wrist, and started crushing the Bones in his wrist with my bare hands. I wouldn't stop growling and yelling. I have never felt so angry and strong in my life. He whined and pathetically tried to get away. I attacked him, as if I were...
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posted by sawfan13
Howl helped me navigate to my campsite. We didn't see a single soul there. I was relieved that they were gone, since I didn't want to swoop down there with Howl, and start gawking at him all the time. I got out a first aid kit, and untied the cloth from my baju from his body. Good thing the wild animal didn't Slash him that deeply. All I really need to put on Howl for him to heal is Poroxcide, Neosporin, and a gauze bandage to bungkus, balut around his upper waist around the upper ab area. I doctored him and ordered him to rest on my sleeping bag/bed. I'm pretty sure he heals pretty quickly for a man...
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An idea popped into my head the other hari and its been playing like a little movie in my head ever since. I really need to know if its any good, atau if the idea has already been used. Also I need Nasihat for the characters and their names. I also appreciate constructive criticism and grammar and spelling. The names are temporary. I've never written a book that is completely in the present tense so please help me catch any tense mistakes! Um, oh yeah. It doesn't have a tajuk yet so if anda have any suggestions just let me know!

(: Thanks!

The story is jumbled a bit. It is because the characters...
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posted by Percysclique
Chapter 3 – A hati, tengah-tengah Beats Faster
    Kaolin ran up the stairs of the dungeon. The guard had been asleep, but he could awake any time. His boots pounded on the stone floor. He prayed for them to be light and soundless.
    Kaolin torn down the corridor, his was hati, tengah-tengah beating faster with every step. He knew his way around the castle. He had been here a few times before when he had visited Amorite.
    Kaolin had no idea what he was going to do. If he went utama with the jewels, the King would charge him of thievery. If he didn’t pay...
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posted by hannah_vampire
I sat on my bed, All confused it sucked melissa asked me how and I didn't know which is the scary part not knowing I mean I could wake up and some vampire could be sucking my blood dry.

I had to find out more, I just can't stay here thinking all morning. I looked out the window to find Blair leaving for work, I ran downstairs and locked the door.I knew to look in the basement and then check the floorboards and the other room i wasn't allowed in. I spent about 2 hours looking for stuff, Well really anything that could help me and finally I found a box that
had necklaces, dairy's and most of all...
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blood fills the faces of my fantasies
no mercy,you're trying to put me down
i can see clearly as you're taking a hayun, swing at me
come and i'll push anda to the ground
what are anda doing? what do anda think this is doing to me?
you're taking all my faith
what are anda leaving me now?!
i will make anda suffer just like anda made me suffer
i will watch anda screaming and begging for forgiveness
all my hate can not be bound
i will not be bound sejak your darkest demons
so try to take my life and put me to the ground
i will follow anda and torture anda and i'll watch anda screaming
look at the bloody faces smiling at you,taking anda down and making anda drown
i wanna kill anda the same way anda killed me
leaving me thoughtless
anda can try to tell me that i'm worthless
but anda can not break me down
gonna take anda down because nothing in this world is going to save me
posted by Flana_2
Hi! I’m Lisa, the newest of the Hoycan clan. My story of how I got here is a tale of braveness, bullies, and ocean water. So snuggle up with a great friend and a big bowl of popcorn and begin a journey like none other anda ever come by!! GO ON!!!
Two gorges Haiwan were running off into the moon light. Ones name was Lisa, the other was Brad.
“I Cinta anda Lisa” Brad said
“I Cinta anda too Brad”! They were a short distance away when RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The school loceng rang for lunch. I awoken from my daydream and hurried out the door. Hi, I’m Lisa the average...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
12: Destination: Unknown

Once upon a time, in Rochester, New York, there lived a simple, silly, disillusioned girl named Rosalie Lillian Hale. For thirteen years, she believed that nothing would ever touch her-that she was invincible to all feeling and thought.
Until one hari in mid-April while she was stepping on stones on the Genesee River and she Lost her balance. Despite knowing how to swim, the sudden fall caused her to panic and eventually drown. Fortunately, a dark haired, green-eyed Angel merpati in and pulled her out, then resuscitated her back to life. When she finally came to, she asked...
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posted by ScottishChic
The hari of love,
Is here again,
This is tough,
From end to end,
A joyus occasion,
Is our salvation,
Without you,
I would be empty,
No one sejak my side,
No one to embrace me when I'm tired,
Stuck within a baracading window,
Wishing oh so much,
That anda would show,
Just another day,
Where I would have to sit here and say,
Alone again,
Always alone,
Behind these eyes are tears of love,
anda are my one true,
Thank anda honey,
For being with me,
I Cinta anda so,
Never ever leave me

sejak ScottishChic, dedicated to all whom I Cinta x
posted by summerfrogs_bro
One hari I was walking down the jalan no one was there. I was scared I just kept walking I looked around the corner I felt a wisp of cold go down my back i looked around again because I knew there was something there I went utama and went to bed. I woke up the seterusnya morning I watched the window all morning I didn't care about school I was a loser anyway and the teachers hated me. I swear there was too many things wrong with me to go to school and my name is Raiden I know its so stupid is means thunder god in Japanese I mean it's so stupid but it was my great great great grandfathers name and...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter10: Edwards pov
Days passed one sejak one and I was getting lebih suspicious about Bella I could see it in her eyes that she truly hated Damien but here actions were telling something different the ways her body curled around him the way she hugged him, kissed him I just wanted to get up and kill him. even Alice saw a few visions of it and sent Emmett and jasper to get a hold on me but even with all this evidence that maybe ,maybe Bella loved him but I knew there was something wrong, her eyes were so sad, emotionless and cold, she's not the happy perky Alice like but not annoying Bella my...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 19
I followed the voices and saw aro and caius talking
-hi dear Bella
-hi caius
I berkata shyly
-dear Bella its great to see you!
He shook my hand.thank god he didn’t hug me I’m getting tired of that!
-oh Bella I heard your staying with us.
-for a while
I said
-well anda know we will be happy if stay
-sure sure..
-oh Bella its so nice to see anda upright!
Heidi berkata rushing towards me and …hugged me.
Ohhhh god I hate hugs …..eee but I didn’t want to offend her and hugged her back lightly
Me, jane ,alec and rennata were sitting on a black sofa talking about everything that happened in the 100...
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