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PrincessAyeka12 berkata …
Title: Regency Fantasi
Theme: Create a hari dress, nightgown atau ballgown fit for a princess from the historical romantic period of the Regency era.
Doll maker: link
Princess: Any telah diposkan ·27 hari lalu
Swanpride dikomen…
Great...will have to wait two rounds atau so, though. seterusnya I will do the redemption round and after this another winner has his pick ·27 hari lalu
PrincessAyeka12 dikomen…
No problem. ·27 hari lalu
Swanpride dikomen…
I's nice of you, but I'll manage. ·18 hari lalu
mhs1025 berkata …
Hi! First off, I hope anda had a great Christmas! Second, I've made a desiscion on the round I won. How about we do a New Year's theme? We can also include Elsa and Anna as a special treat. If the Elsa and Anna thing seems too complicated, we don't have to do it. Whatever anda choose on that is fine with me. :) telah diposkan ·28 hari lalu
Swanpride dikomen…
Ah, I am very sorry, but I have to delay your wishes for a round. The Adobe Reader is about to shut down, hence I wanted to finish the tahun in some sort of redemption round. anda are free to pick the round after it. ·28 hari lalu
Swanpride berkata tentang Disney Princess
Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope anda have a nice Krismas celebration atau at the very least a few quiet days to enjoy. telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
wholahay_brown dikomen…
Merry christmas. anda seem like a thoughtful person ·29 hari lalu