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  • Favorite TV Show: Friends, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Outlander, Haunting of bukit House, Stranger Things, The Tribe, The Society, Grimm, bintang Trek Voyager
    Favorite Movie: The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn, Twilight series, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and many lebih
    Favorite Musician: Within Temptation, The Birthday Massacre, Nox Arcana, Taylor Davis, Malinda Kathleen Reese
    Favorite Book or Author: A Great but Terrible Beauty, Night World, The Secrets of Crickley Hall, A Girl's Guide to Vampires, The Marked Girl, Disney's A Twisted Tale series
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Swanpride memberikan saya prop untuk my images
Another prop for the last round...I haven't officially listed your win yet, but your entry got the most undian telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
PrincessAyeka12 dikomen…
Shall I start thinking of dollmaker atau has mhs come with a theme for winning the elvis round? ·2 bulan lalu
Swanpride memberikan saya prop untuk my images
Since I gave anda the win, here is your prop. And a reminder that I need a new theme for the Dress-up Doll contest until tomorrow. telah diposkan ·2 bulan lalu
PrincessAyeka12 berkata tentang Disney Princess
Oh my god! Oh my god! AsteriaMalfoy and Phalangeregina’s accounts have been removed! I went send them both a pm this morning and was redirected to the homepage. telah diposkan ·4 bulan lalu
deedragongirl dikomen…
What?!?! On the other hand, it's a relief that we don't have to se Phalageregina's catchphrase anymore! ·4 bulan lalu
PrincessAyeka12 dikomen…
I’m sorry for the double “oh my gods”. I’m non-religious but I still use it as a shorter lebih to point expression for “oh no something has gone wrong!” ·4 bulan lalu
Anime-fan2011 dikomen…
Do anda mean freedom of speech to be a racist? ·2 bulan lalu