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twinklestar11 berkata tentang Rawak
I haven't showed up in months. Tht was bc I quit this site. Just so ya ppl know. I'm still not coming bk here. I just came bk bc I kept getting emails from here which I didn't in a long time. Welp this is good bye telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
CokeTheUmbreon dikomen…
Bye, twinklestar. satu bulan lalu
TheLefteris24 dikomen…
Man, anda sure took me back a bit. Goodbye. Farewell !!!! satu bulan lalu
zanhar1 dikomen…
See ya. It was nice having anda around when yiu were. satu bulan lalu
zanhar1 dikomen…
*you* satu bulan lalu
Shukuya memberikan saya prop untuk my answers
hei how's it going??? telah diposkan ·6 bulan lalu
Shukuya dikomen…
At least come here! Idiot!! satu bulan lalu
GDragon612 memberikan saya prop untuk my images
❄️May this festive season sparkle🎀
🎅and shine, may all of your wishes🎈
🎁and dreams come true, and may💖
🎈you feel this happiness all year💚🎀
🎄🎉round. Merry Christmas!🌨️⛄💚
💚🎀💖🎈⛄🌨️🎉🎄🎁🎅❄️🎊❤️ telah diposkan ·9 bulan lalu