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Novel-writing and puisi tips :)
posted by ashesandwine
Ok... so this is my first time, so komen but don't be bad;)Thanks Emmett4ever, Patrisha727, Just_bella, and everyone else for supporting me and liking my story.... This one is for you:D

How could I leave him? How could he leave me? We always knew that we were meant to be together, our Cinta was so strong, so beautiful, so pure.
I couldn't stand to think that we had to be apart, he was everything to me. I live for him just like he lives for me...

I heard a sound behind me and I turned around slowly... I just stopped breathing, he was so beautiful and I was so lucky that he wanted me. He must...
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posted by ellie_bellie135
Character Profiling

If anda are having trouble downloading the files above, just highlight the text below and copy and paste it onto your kegemaran text editor.
Profile for:

Basic Description:
Current Information
>family background
>birth place
>history, background
>possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc.
Physical Description
>hair style
>physical condition
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Murder is always a mistake - one should never do anything one cannot talk about at dinner.

Tayce’s p.o.v

The three of us sat there watching the chick flick. I was in grossed in the storyline, Belinda was doing her homework and every time someone berkata the word love, Ruby nearly chucked. It had been three days since we had seen the protectors. Belinda sighed and put the book she was Membaca down. “Want to order pizza?” She asked, Ruby shrugged and I shook my head. “Why can’t we order pizza?” Belinda asked, I didn’t really want to tell the why but if anda have sisters anda understand....
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posted by TDIlover226
I watched from around the corner as the little puppy, so curious with it's ways, was snooping around seeing what was in this big old house. He sniffed around, ears drooping to the floor, sliding in a pantas, swift path. That little puppy, I had just gotten from the pound, I still couldn't think of a name for the curious puppy. Just as I thought to leave, something about the pup caught my eye, he had stopped in his tracks, staring at something that I couldn't see. That was when I knew exsactly what he was staring at, my old cat. Sapphire was her name, she was a grumpy old cat, I wasn't sure what to...
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posted by douglas80
((Hi guys this is my first fic here. I started with that story but i don´t know where it leads on. So please excuse my english, it isn´t my first language. I hope it is a little interesting and may anda enjoy it. komen-komen would be nice, thanx and enjoy it!))

Something strange coming up from behind. My blood felt ice cold and my veins froze as I saw through the darkness. A stupid noise cleared my mind and I opened my eyes. A woman stood right in front of me. She was starring at me without a sound. Nothing. Not any emotion coulered her face. I froned my forehead, tried to speak, but can´t. My...
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posted by lucius_malloy
Somewhere, far away from here, there is a parallel universe. Somewhat literally parallel. There, anda may not live in civilization unless anda have a parallel – sejak the age of fifteen.
Some people, however, are lucky: twins. They have been born with their parallel.
A parallel, in this case, is a person who shares your hopes, your dreams, your deepest fears – someone, in fact, whom we call a soulmate.
On the first hari of every year, a check is made. In every city, town and village, the people who have had the misfortune to turn fifteen during the past tahun must turn up and display their parallel...
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so...her it goes:P

Scene starts off in class,the first hari at school,everybody looking tired,waiting for they're form teacher to be presented.
(a moment of silence as the door slowly opens...I'll be helping on that one!...and a creepy looking teacher steps inside the class-room)
(ACT 1)
Radu:(low and dark voice) Hello....everybody Im your new teacher as we all~~

Alex: yeah,yeah we know,we know

Radu:(laughs sinisterly)you'd wished anda didnt say've been..."disrespectful" to the teacher,come outside...
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posted by amandaj
Ok, this is my first attempt at Penulisan a story, if that's what I should call it, I'm not sure. I'm not an experienced writer, and English isn't my mother tongue, so it's not flawless. Please menanggung, bear with me a little. But please feel free to give me feedback on this, positive atau negative, either way. :)


There was a time, when she felt like she could do anything. A time when the world didn't seem as intimidating. When all her challenges and struggles was small, and forgotten sejak the blink of an eye. She doesn't seem to remember a single time when she was younger, when she found...
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posted by Percysclique
Chapter 4- Near Death at Dawn
Princess Amorite woke to the sound of bells ringing throughout the castle. The warning bells. The guards knew Kaolin was missing.
    Amorite’s hati, tengah-tengah began to beat faster. It was beating to the rhythm of Kaolin running quickly out of the dungeon hours ago. She feared her hati, tengah-tengah would leap right out of her chest. If the soldiers found Kaolin, he would be killed. Amorite couldn’t let that happen.
Outside the sun was starting to rise. Kaolin was probably almost out of the city.
    Amorite had been Kaolin’s best friend since...
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posted by hannah_vampire
Thanks for all the komen-komen plz keep commenting :) this is a long one

I had not been to school for two weeks, had not seen Damon and his family for ages, It was like a prison here and i couldn't get out sejak myself it was always Sefo follow her studpie mutt.

The whole hari I was followed sejak 9.00pm ' hei i'm kinda tried so I'm gonna go to ur bed' OMG would Oni ever get his son away from me ' Sefo Im getting changed unless anda wanna stay and get hit the the head i suggest anda leave' He turned and walked out thank goddness, Now Time to go out the window. I got out of the window and started to run Damon...
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posted by InnocentNoMore
Feel like falling,
    but sure to stand fast.
Feel like letting go,
    but afraid of the rash,
Feel like giving up,
    but afraid to sleep,
Want to jump,
    but afraid to of falling off way to deep.
Sometimes life takes me in weird directions,
    but knowing me, its all imperfections.
Sometimes emotions awan every single thought,
    and knowing my actions, I’m here to rot.
Forever will my mistakes continue to haunt me,
    standing here, I now see.
What if things could be different seterusnya time?
    Would it then, take a lifetime?
posted by TeanRose424
have anda noticed when anda fall in Cinta it feels like your flying? I have. It the most wonderful feeling in the world. But when do anda feel it? Do anda feel it when anda fall in love, atau when anda just are overfilled with joy?

Have anda ever felt it? atau have anda felt anything close to it? What does it mean? Does it mean that anda have to fly away from it before your Cinta hurts you? atau does it mean that your body enjoys the joy filling your body?

Tell me what anda think...
A little something that I wrote for English class but actually, it was my final and I got 100% on it!! Enjoy!!

The Disappearance of Claire Daniels

I don’t know where my daughter went. One moment, I was holding Claire’s little hand while doing some window shopping but a few saat later, I spotted something at a clothing store window and was into it and wondering if the store have any chance that they have it in my size that I didn’t noticed that I didn’t felt little Claire Daniels’s hand slipping away from mine.

When I wanted to go into the store and see if they got that little black...
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It was Mia, the Rokurokubi; she was the head, the head connected to the very long neck. Opal looked with amazement as Mia knocked Grito to the ground. As her body started to walk ke hadapan as her neck retracted back to it. “Um... Ok, that was not expected” berkata Opal. Alec and Marley were also in a great confusion, looking at each other trying to make something out of the situation. “Surprised?” Mia Asked. “A little” berkata Opal, trying to make it as a joke. The three released that this was Mia’s power, she is a Rokurokubi and this is what they do, all four of them started laughing....
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posted by HarryPLover
 Those words pierced me like thorns on a rose.
Those words pierced me like thorns on a rose.
"Happy Anniversary." His smile was absolutely priceless. I had to laugh just a little at his nervous grin. I knew the that it had been a bulan since we had gotten together but I don't think he exactly remembers whether that hari was today....or yesterday. I wanted to make me sweat it out. But he was right, it was today. I gotta admit that I was kinda surprised that he even remembered.
"Aww, anda remembered." I saw the nervous grin turn to relief. He earned a kiss.
"Of, course I remembered." I still wanted to make him sweat though. I couldn't resist.
"What happened to the whole " I don't remember...
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posted by ButteBaby_K
Crimson blood speckled the wall. The air of a last scream was still etched in the breath of the murderer. Hands bloody and still clutching the pisau the mysterious person walked away. A few hours later, another scream rented through the air. Again, the person screamed the same blood curdling sound. Tanya looked down upon the still face of her true love. Unable to tear her eyes of his limp body she sobbed and dropped to her knees unable to alih atau speak. Drowsily she stumbles to his body and clutched his hand, tears pouring down from her startling blue eyes. Tanya lay down seterusnya to him and drifted...
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posted by rAsberrStrarS
He took my face in his hands, so normally-as if it were a natural instinct to be doing something like this with me.
My breath caught in my throat,as we inclined our heads towards each other in perfect unison.
His lips were warm and soft and sweet,all at the same time,the sensation blinded me.That he was Ciuman me,not other better girls who'd had lebih experience.My hati, tengah-tengah was beating like a birds wings fluttering together in my chest.
Taylor pressed his forehead against mine ans sighed,his breath warmed my face.
We pulled back form each other but still twined our fingers together like we were never...
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posted by thirteen_times
He didn’t want money atau fancy cars; all he wanted was to be loved sejak someone, any one at all. He needed someone to care about him, not his wealth, not his ties to the rich and famous, someone that actually cared about him, the boy with bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, curly raven black hair and a boyish grin permanently plastered on his face hiding the pain of being alone. Yet no one did, all they saw was the heir to the Jeffrey Empire, the boy that was going to inherited it all. The boy, who was the prefect son living up to the Jeffrey name. They never saw the boy’s who’s arms were covered in cuts, the pisau against his skin, the blood dripping down staining the carpet, his eyes closing never to open again. No one read the note tucked into his pocket cause no one cared.
hei i dont know where to go with this 1 so any suggestions would b great thankx,

Usual morning, usual day, wake up, breakfast, school, go the long way home, then sit in my room the rest of the night. But today wasnt normal, nothing was right.

I woke up, and sniffed the air, but it wasnt the usuall lempeng, penkek i could smell, it was just the coldness, and the emptiness. i jumped down from my katil and ran down the stairs, into the kitchen, no one was there, not my Dad Membaca the paper at the table, his brows furrowed as he read the sport section. My mum wasnt wearing her bright apron, that was covered...
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