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Honestly, I hate the idea of sex in general, much less abusive sex. Sadism and masochism for pleasure are sickening and absolutely symptoms of mental illness. That very last part was a fact, not an opinion. Humans are disgusting and selfish creatures if they think it's somehow cool to make each other hurt for sex reasons. Anybody who feels pleasured sejak being subject to pain atau inflicting pain on others is dead to me. telah diposkan satu hari lalu
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If anda just think role play is fun, and the whole rope bunny gag is performed for that sole reason, go for it, but if it's to hurt yourself atau somebody else, that is a very mentally ill thing to do. satu hari lalu
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Masochism is not a specific mental illness sejak name, but it is a symptom of one. Nobody is ever a true masochist unless they are mentally ill. This is why they were making a joke sejak "amplifying the effect" of a serious condition. Such surrealism and insensitivity pisses me off. I do agree that the penulis most likely did not construct her character with this intent though, so I don't resent him. I just resent the plot choice. Nonetheless, she couldn't ruin the franchise for me. telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu
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I completely agree. It had a very strong cast. I personally hate Darkness because she is designed to parodize mental illness, but I do think the role she plays is a very crucial one. Kazuma is slightly advanced for an isekai protagonist, and Aqua and Megumin's antics and dynamics were spot on. I have OCD, and it causes me to feel entitled to picking a kegemaran for absolutely everything (my kegemaran marsupial is a wallaby). telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu