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It's always nice to meet another Pacey and Joey fan, thanks for adding me back! telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
TVDbiggestfan dikomen…
it sure is! Thanks for adding me in the first place! :) (sorry I replied so late, I always forget to check my profile) hampir setahun yang lalu
TVDbiggestfan berkata tentang Damon & Elena
I haven't cried this much in my entire life over a TV-show/movie. I was literally crying like a baby. The things Damon berkata to Elena, and her crying and despair, saying "please don't leave me". And the scene before about their future, and how Stefan berkata that Damon was finally happy. And Elena has already Lost so many people. And there is noone else she could Cinta now, how can she alih on from this? telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
TVDbiggestfan dikomen…
However, if they find a way to bring them back, as anda guys have been suggesting here, with Grams doing something for Bonnie and Ian having signed the contract.... This will be worth it. It was insanely beautiful and showed how much they mean to eachother and that they are endgame. But it's also so unfair rip our hearts out like this!!! I'm still sad. hampir setahun yang lalu
cahe64 dikomen…
That too, and the writers say that season 6 is the journey of bringing people back together. Ian will come back...he berkata it himself on twitter. He is just on his summer break and travelling the world. Yeah poor Elena keeps losing people. Of course she can't alih on. She will probably a mess for the entire summer. And when they discover a way to get them back, she will surely put her hero hair on and go for it. Just like in season 3, when she travelled into the mountains with Alaric. hampir setahun yang lalu
TVDbiggestfan dikomen…
haha, I'm still pissed off about how much I cried, it was so painful and I feel stupid for crying like a baby. But yeah they are truly beautiful, and so were their scenes in this episode. It was so emotional and powerful. hampir setahun yang lalu
TVDbiggestfan berkata tentang Damon & Elena
I never thought I would say this, but I actually shed two tears for Stefan. But he's been so kind and encouraged Delena and Steroline was happening... This can't be! And Damon is gonna be heartbroken! telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu
loveofdelena dikomen…
Same, that was really sad. And I dead to think how Damon will react... hampir setahun yang lalu
MelodyLaurel dikomen…
Ugh, I felt so bad for Caroline in that scene... And damn, I'm actually really sad Stefan's dead. hampir setahun yang lalu
darkdoll59 dikomen…
I actually didn't hate Stefan this season and there were moments when I liked him , I still think that he is going to come back somehow hampir setahun yang lalu