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Sparklefairy375 berkata tentang Disney Princess
I'm not sure if peoples here are really notice this...but recently I see some new account commenting old artikel-artikel and gettings mad without any reason. Like these pautan for example (look at the latest komen-komen below) telah diposkan ·3 hari lalu
UnholyNoise dikomen…
wow, that's sad. it's like someone made up a bunch of fake accounts to prop their artikel-artikel and stuff. ·3 hari lalu
MaidofOrleans dikomen…
Wtf that's so stupid. Why would someone wast their time doing things like that. *sighs* I don't understand people. ·3 hari lalu
cruella dikomen…
Ugh! I’m so sick of dealing with these stupid trolls! ·2 hari lalu
Englandrules83 berkata …
Hi! How are you? I am wondering do people really dislike me in Naruto club because no one hasn't yet answered to those my Kakashi and Menma questions. Maybe they don't like them but I cannot remove them. I could if could do that. telah diposkan ·6 hari lalu
andy10B memberikan saya prop untuk my answers

Please answer and komen on my tinjauan i created thanks telah diposkan ·12 hari lalu